Ten Things to Smile About September

This week has seen the last Tuesday of the month come and go already, so it's time to link up with the lovely EmmyMom and share with you all the 10 things that have (and still are) making me smile this month.

1.Midge started year 1 and seems to have settled in really well. We're really working on her reading and getting there slowly but surly. She loves math and seems to be growing in confidence with every week that goes by.

2.We've lived in our new home for a month now and I love it. I love how quiet the road is and how it's a bit out of the way of town. I love our long garden and the freedom both children have here. I hope this is home for a long time!

3.My niece and nephews had their first sleep over here! First I had Midge and G for a girls night, then last week was a boys night in with Jay. I painted their faces the next day and they watched a local football match. I preferred the girls night so I'm doing it again this weekend!

4.My sister is back up country in the house she'll be living in for her 2nd year at university. As much as I miss her and Skype just isn't the same, it's exciting that she's doing something good for her future and I wish her all the best.

5.I sent off another Year in Gifts parcel yesterday. I can't believe I only have 3 months left to go before I have completed my little project. 2014 will be focused on Project Kindness which I'm really excited about.

6.Whittling down my Christmas list nice and early and preparing my annual Halloween party for Midge, A and their cousins has kept me busy and smiling all month. I love Halloween and being organised for Christmas makes me feel much calmer about the event and I look forward to it even more.

7. I'm a student again! I got some course materials through from the Open University and soon i'll be studying Arts and Literature. It's only an access course to see if university study is for me so I'm not sure what will happen. I'll just let it guide me.

8. We bought a new hamster! Her name is Maisy and she's adorable. A very welcome early birthday gift and addition to our household.

9. My Mum came over tonight to give me some much needed TLC after a long day. I've felt pretty rough this week and Little A has been sleeping awfully bad again which is such a shame (and so tiring!) She did the dishes for me and cooked me some tea which was great. I love my Mum!

10. My brother has finally flown the nest! He has set up home with some good friends and seems to be doing really well. His girlfriend is at university and has settled in good but I know he's missing her a bit. It'll be nice to have everyone around some time for a big family roast and that'll probably be Christmas time to be honest!

Do check out everyone elses reasons to smile this month when you have a moment. I'm also linking up with Michelle at Mummy from the Heart and her lovely link up Reasons to be Cheerful.

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