On Being the Tooth Fairy

I love my Mum jobs. Ok I love some of my Mum jobs. Being cook and cleaner can do one as far as I'm concerned because last night I got to be the tooth fairy.

Being tooth fairy is second to being Father Christmas and the Christmas Eve Elf (which we all know is awesome) obviously my children have no idea we play these rolls and I hope to keep it that way for as long as possible.

I crept into the bedroom at about 10 o clock to check on my two sleeping babies all snuggled under their covers, tucked up warm. I quietly slipped my hand under Midge's pillow to retrieve her very carefully wrapped up tooth and replaced it with a whole pound coin. She woke me up at 11 because she had an accident, we got her changed and settled but she walked back in 10 minutes later with a huge grin on her face which showed off that 3rd gap in her mouth in all it's glory. In her tiny little hand was the pound coin I'd left only an hour earlier.

'Look mum my tooth must have been really good and clean! I got big money this time! The fairy has taken my tooth to her castle hasn't she?'

I tucked her back into bed and sat on my own looking at this tiny white tooth in the palm of my hand. I really do love some of my Mum jobs.