A Neighbour in Need

When I moved house a month ago I was worried about my neighbour whom both Jay and I had befriended. He was funny, he looked out for our house while we were out with his little camera on his door, he stood up to any youths that gave him trouble (and won- with handshakes to boot) he was nice to the children and said he couldn't hear Little A's early hour tantrums and head banging. If he could he never let on.

Sadly this neighbour has never been fit as a fiddle in all the time I've known him, but just before we moved he took a turn for the worse. When we moved he was quite upset and worried about his new neighbours. Before us there was a young couple who argued a lot and judging by the holes in the walls one or both of them were violent too. They must have been a nightmare to live next to sometimes! Before them were people selling drugs, so I could understand his concerns. Thankfully the people who are moving in are apparently very nice so I am pleased.

When we moved I knew my old neighbour would take in any post for us and he has done since we've been in our new home. I hadn't visited him for a while so thought I'd pop in to ask if he'd been bothered with our mail over the past couple of weeks. When he opened the door I could see he wasn't right. He looked shattered and unwell. I didn't even ask him about my mail, I looked at him 'Are you OK?' I asked. He then invited me in.

Nearly 2 hours I spent with my old neighbour today. He sees his daughters, one of them regularly so I'm not completely worried about him. I know his youngest daughter was visiting him tonight for example. In those 2 hours I let his dog out, I fed her, cleaned up some glass he had smashed in his sleep and we talked. We talked about all his wonderful ornaments: swords, skulls, history artifacts. We spoke about him completing his bucket list after he retired. We had a laugh, he told me how he's been on constant pain relief, had the ambulance out recently and is still not right. I tried to persuade him going away alone in October wasn't a good idea. So he called his doctor for a check up which went well today.

I didn't want to leave. It was just him and his dog, Daisy. I've been thinking about him all day but I know he's alright. I know he has people to call. Today I made sure he had one extra person to call: Me. To walk his dog. To feed her. To buy his shopping, clean his house or just spend some time with him.

I wasn't sure about knocking on his door this morning. I was worried about disturbing him, intruding. Turns out it was the best thing I could have done.


  1. To say I am so proud to have you as a daughter is an understatement Ihope your neighbour and friend will be better soon, if there was only more caring people like you the world would be even better love you mum.xxxxx

  2. Bless you - it's lovely that you have offered to help him, sunds like heneed you - michellex

  3. Well, Hannah, it might just be one of the reasons you have moved into that house! The best thing was to do what you thought you should do and go and see him. Bless you for being so caring!

    1. I hadn't thought of that Margret. We've just moved out after 2 years but it's been our home for the longest time and I think you're right, i was supposed to meet this man and help him x

  4. Your mum was right - we all need more people and neighbours like you! :-)