Back to School! When I Grow up:

I want to be a police officer!

Yesterday was the first day back at school for Midge and she was super excited. I'm always excited for the new school year because education is such a wonderful thing and I believe children should see your positivity about a new beginning for them. Having said that, it's a little sad to see them grow up so quickly isn't it!

Here's Midge showing off her new uniform with our yearly tradition of having a photo with her new school year and her future job idea.

Last year she wanted to be a baker! I think it's great fun. I wonder what she'll want to be in year 2!

After we dropped midge off we had some address changes to sort and then had breakfast at Wetherspoons to treat A. He had pancakes while Daddy and I went for English breakfasts. Yum.

On a side note, it's very Autumnal out there today! We're all feeling a little chilly and wrapped up warm. Leaves are falling to the ground on our walks and colour changes are taking place. I love Autumn!



  1. Aww she looks very smart in her uniform!!
    Ohh and I love the pancakes from Weatherspoons...hehehe x

    1. They looked good but being gluten intolerant i couldn't try one boo! Thanks for stopping by! x

  2. Police officer good choice of job x

  3. Oh jealous of your fall weather! It is getting cooler in some of the US- but not here by me in fact we are hotter than we have been all summer.

    So funny that what she wanted to be changed so much in one year. Hope she has a great school year

    1. I must admit to be being relieved summer here is drawing to a close. i do love the air being a bit fresher and seeing the leaves change colour. I hope your summer cools a little soon! x

  4. What a lovely idea to keep a record of Midge's school years and her ambitions. You'll all have fun looking back one day!

    A bit autumnal here in East Yorkshire. I wish the weather would stay like this and not get tooooo cold!

    Best wishes in your new home. xx