My week that was Instagrammed 5!

Another week in September that seems to have just flown by. Of course it's another week to share with you all what we've been up to here at Cupcake Towers.


Today was a very chilled out affair. The weather was awful so midge got a lift in to school, I managed to have a nap when Little A did and it was just all pretty relaxed! The evening wasn't so cool though. I was up at midnight watching Thomas the ruddy tank engine with him!


Sadly the sleep situation didn't improve and after a rubbish night I was up at 4.40am only for my alarm to go off at 7.00am for the school run! Luckily Midge got another lift in but this time I got no naps! Jay has been on late shifts so I left him to sleep and got a load of housework done despite needing matchsticks for my eyes- I was that tired! I seemed to just power through Tuesday and I ended up seeing my niece for a short while, playing with A and baking Gooey chocolate cupcakes before the Bake Off came on!


On Wednesday we looked after our niece which was lovely as usual. We did some sensory play with corn flour and water making gloop. Little A raided the cupboards for pasta and T found some cupcake cases to play with. They both loved the feel and we learnt the word 'sticky'. I also spent some time with my mum, we had dinner and watched TV together before she picked my dad up from work which was really nice quality time for us. I also had my first attempt at felting thanks to my crafty creatives kit. I really enjoyed it despite my make not being particularly great! I snapped 2 felting needles! What a doughnut!


I spent the whole day on my bottom (I did clean a little and fetch Midge from school!) but I felt really poorly with this cold. It's so pathetic that a cold can knock you back so much but since i've had children when I get ill, I get ill! One good thing I did today was set an alarm on my phone to make sure I check my smoke and monoxide alarms! I feel very organised!


We went food shopping today and chaity shop hunting! I've spotted some things to buy and filed them in my mind so must visit next week and hope no one else has bought the things I spotted! I spotted this wonderful plate and bowl set. It's in really good condition, all matches and was only £2.50! I also spent the rest of the day sitting down and having regular doses of honey and cinnamon!


Our nephews stayed over for their first sleepover here. They've been wanting to try out the attic room ever since they saw it, so they came over and Midge went over to her Aunts for the night! I walked into town with Little A, we bought some Halloween bits (I love our light up spiders!) we kicked the leaves and chatted (as best we could!) It was lovely having some quality time and no tantrums. I'm loving the Autumn feel out there right now.



  1. Ooh honey AND cinnamon? What do you do with the cinnamon?

    I hope you feel better soon lovely and that A starts sleeping. It sounds like you need a day off!

    Thank you so much for linking up to #TWTWI again xx

  2. Hope you feel better soon! Can sympathise with the getting ill thing. Great charity shop finds! I have found London charity shops to be surprisingly expensive since living here so love grabbing a bargin when I am back in Suffolk.


  3. Oh wow a day off! Thankfully he's doing ok well for three nights anyway!
    Oh yes, get a tsp of honey and mix with half tsp of cinnamon take 3 times a day for about 3 days I pinned it ha xxx