There are a few ways in which I'm learning to have a bit more patience at the moment and I'd be lying if I said I was doing wonderfully well at it. I'm not known for my patience, not in the slightest. Since I've had children I've gained a lot more and believe me, if you don't allow the room to get more you're in for a tough ride!

Here are a few ways in which I'm having to learn to let that old patience of mine stretch:

Children are slow. 
Oh my word can they be slow! I sometimes walk 3 children back at a time after school.My eldest nephew keeps up wonderfully, he loves having a good chat with me- just yesterday we were discussing first aid, CPR and Scouts..he's 7! Midge is obviously used to the school run walk so keeps up only needing the odd prompt but the other two, the snail paced twins as we all jokingly refer to them, have to be moaned at constantly to keep up or be almost dragged up the hills. It's rather funny really (that's my patience kicking in!) and I can't really blame them. These days I've learnt to just keep talking, make jokes and hold their hands for the best chances of getting home on time!

Late night wake ups. 
They are hideous and my patience is still struggling to stretch on this one. For me, Little A should be sleeping through in his own bed and not disturbing me until morning unless he has a nightmare or is unwell or something else rather obvious. I'm still really, really trying to keep a check of myself during these moments but it's tough, you are required to be at your best when you are at your worst!

The school run.
You need a lot of that old patience on the school run with kids on scooters running over your toes, cycles threatening to take out your children and I'm always stuck behind the parent who can't wait until they get home to read the newsletter/text message they just got thus holding everybody up. Then you have to be patient as the teachers keep your child next to last, or other parents stand in your way completely blocking you from the teachers view.
There are of course some parents who generally just get caught up in the rush of multiple kids running out and piling 'stuff' on them, they apologise, they are OK. If you are patient....

I nearly forgot meal times! I could throw my own tantrum at meal times I can tell you but in recent months I've learnt to stay calm, feed Midge what she likes, occasionally try and get her to try something new and if she does great! And if not oh well, we'll try again another day. See, patience!

There are so many more examples I could give you but I want to know what your patience is like and what really gets you counting to 10 very, very slowly?



  1. I'm known for a short fuse when it comes to patience! Things that wind me up most at the moment are Alex's repetitive questions that I've answered over and over! x

    1. Oh i know when they go on and on and on and......! x

  2. Hi,
    I just wanted to say that your blog is wonderful.
    I have just read a lot of it and I especially liked your post on blushing (social anxiety). I suffer with this. It's not been bad after I had my son, but recently (im in my forties), it has come back due to some bullying :0( I find my kicks in really bad when im stressed. I blush when anyone talks to me or even when Im being served at a shop.
    Thank you for being honest, it does help a little knowing I'm not the only one who has this.
    Michelle x

    1. Thank you so much Michelle, what a lovely comment to read this morning. You are most certainly not alone, if i can ever lend you some support please let me know x

  3. I can remember you and I losing our patience in Cambridge when Midge kept constantly asking us about putting her shoes on correctly! I have very little patience when it comes to adults so won't be having children for another 10 years :P aha!


    1. Haha i don't remember that. My patience has been tested a lot this evening i can tell you!! xx