A Year in Gifts July

I realise we're in September now but I've been a little slow in keeping up with my gift giving promise to myself. I still have an August gift sat in my house, I guess moving home got in the way! Now we're all straight I can catch up on my July gift and send off my August one! For July I packaged up some 'back to work' goodies for my lovely Dad.

After goodness knows how many years as a Groundsman at the local Navy base, he now works as a carer in a local home for people with learning difficulties. I'm so proud of him for making this huge move. To celebrate, I put together a small box of bits including: some decent coffee to keep him awake as he gets used to long shifts, chocolate (just because he's a chocoholic) a new mug for his workplace (because everyone has their own mug right?) And lastly some pens and a handy note book to keep his shift dates and notes safe.

Dad really appreciated his gift, my sister pinched some chocolate (I wasn't supposed to tell you that) and most importantly I'm pleased to say he's doing really well in his new job. 40-60 hour weeks and all, go Dad!



  1. Dad never noticed the chocolate I pinched. tehehe

    1. Haha I didn't think he would to be honest! x