Bugs and Tooth Fairies

It got me! The end of 2012 and the dreaded bug took me down! I feel much better today thankfully and have indulged in a small egg and soldiers breakfast which seems to be ok. Here's hoping its onwards and upwards with no more horrible viruses visiting my home! I spent most of yesterday under my duvet cuddling a bagged bin..yes it's as attractive as it sounds!

To cheer me up Midge bounded into the front room where I was snuggled in my sick bed with my Mum (who had very kindly popped over to help whilst Husband left for work until 10.30pm) and proudly showed off her tooth which had been stubbornly clinging onto those gums for dear life! She woke up this morning with £1 wrapped in tissue and covered in silver glitter. Here's my nearly 5 year old gappy bear:

Very pleased with herself!

We have no plans for seeing 2012 out tonight. The children will go to bed at the normal time and i'll try my hardest to watch the countdown but may not make it due to feeling so totally shattered. Whatever your plans may be, keep safe and have fun. See you in 2013. X


Christmas 2012

Another Christmas has passed, another year almost done. My next post will be a little round up of our year which has overall been a good one. For now though, I'd like to share our very family Christmas.

I wasn't optimistic about Christmas Day given I knew several family members had only just recovered from the deaded lurgy. However, as everyone seemed better we went to my sister in laws where everyone (and I mean A LOT) of people were gathered.

Once we settled in we all exchanged and opened out gifts, the little ones ran around playing with their new toys and showing off what Father Christmas had left them. I was given a lovely photo frame which I've sadly left behind, very annoying because I know exactly where I want to place it! I also got a new sewing box, a jar of fluff and some wonderful cupcake socks which everyone knows are right up my street!

My two were spoiled as usual but they were very happy with their gifts, both receiving lots of clothes and crafty gifts which is lovely as we can spend some quality time together. After we opened our presents we all sat down to a lovely roast dinner. I chose to have some braised tofu with my dinner this year and it went down a treat! For the first time ever I refused pudding because I was stuffed!

My Father in Law has a girlfriend who lives in France and she had brought over a tasty looking cake which is part of a tradition in France I believe. The children chose an adult to have a slice of cake and 2 of the adults would eat the cake hopefully biting into a rather hard toy! My Husband bit into one of said toys (not too hard thankfully!) and how perfect was it that the toy was an ornament of a cake!

Mother in Law was the other winner, her toy was a mini lion which was cute! They were given crowns and told to choose their king/queen..of course, Husband chose me so I got to wear a crown and he even gave me the cake yey!

We returned home way pass bedtime so both the children were pretty overtired, mind you they were up at 3am! Little Man had an upset stomach that night which threw our Boxing Day plans in the air but thankfully he was much better by morning and we enjoyed a Boxing Day buffet at my parents house where more presents were opened and more fun was had.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas despite these horrid tummy bugs!


Reasons To Be Cheerful- Last of 2012

This week has gone very fast. There is still plenty of time before school, ballet and toddler groups re start so when Midge is feeling better I'm sure we'll get in some crafts and walks.

This is the last R2BC of 2012 so let's make it count shall we?

1) We have had a lovely Christmas this year. I haven't felt particularly festive and often have felt like I just wanted to be at home snuggled up but I loved spending time with my neices and nephews and had such a laugh with many family members. When you have family, warmth and a roof over your head its all good isn't it?

2) I received some fabulous gifts this year: a handy carrier for my new sewing machine, Cath Kidston craft book, new perfume, slippers, jumper, hand knitted scarf, craft bits, baking bits and so much more! The children were spoiled by their aunties and uncles and grandparents and love all their gifts. Little Man is looking particularly good in his new onesies, hats and various other clothes!

3) Although both children have been up one after the other with belly ache they both seem ok now which isn't what I was expecting! Still, very happy with this and fingers crossed that's the only bug in our house for a very long time!

4) I have no idea what 2013 holds but it certainly won't be as busy as this year! My parents have their 25th wedding anniversary and I'm looking forward to our 1 year wedding anniversary! Midge will be 5, Little Man 2 and my niece will be 1! We're hoping for a family holiday in the early summer but that's very much in the air right now.

So, overall 2012 has been a great year what with weddings and first birthdays and Midge starting reception which still doesn't seem real! I hope 2013 brings all my readers what they hope for and even in the down times may you see the positive in your lives.


Snowmen,S'mores and So Much More!

Midge and Little Man came down to a rather festive surprise this morning: a box packed with goodies from those sneaky little elves.
To say they were excited would've been an understatement as they ripped into the tissue paper and discovered chocolates, lovely new pyjamas,Santa paper for letter writing, crackers and a new film to watch. We ate rubbish all morning, watched their new films Horton Hears A Who and Father Christmas which was short but lovely.

Later on, Little Man had a nap so Midge and I set about doing some crafty things. First we decided to make a snowman. Now, as you may have noticed there has been no snow (but plenty of rain of course) so we opted for the old A4 white paper and craft stash to create this lovely pair!

After we had made some rather fantastic snowmen we decided to create our own version of the rather tasty American treat the s'more! We used free from digestive biscuits, marshmallows and dairy free orange flavour chocolate..Yum!

They were the most delicious treats I have ever eaten and so addictive! Midge really enjoyed melting the chocolate and pouring it over the marshmallow (which caused some squealing whilst watching it swell to a big, squidgy mess in the microwave!)
We had great fun making these and I recommend you try them too!

To round off our day, we had a stroll about town to get some fresh air and did the tradition of leaving out some nice treats for Father Christmas and his reindeer friends. This year, he has been left 2 letters, a cupcake and s'more with carrots and a sparkly J2O. Lucky Santa!

Finally we've had a successful bedtime tonight (what a surprise!) so the stockings are laid out and the tree has been gifted with our beautifully wrapped presents. I can't wait to see the children's faces tomorrow morning!

I'd like to end this post by sending thoughts out to the wonderful family of Kerry who blogged at MultipleMummy. Sadly Kerry passed away 14th December which is so very sad. Such a wonderful, intelligent and friendly lady will be much missed not just in person but by the blogging community which she was very much a part of. Another star shines bright xxxxx

Thank you to everyone who has joined me this year to read my blog posts and share their thoughts with me. Here's to the New Year. May yours be bright and wonderful. X

Are You Feeling Festive?

You know, I'm still trying to get into the festive spirit but it's just not happening this year. We've had Midges Nativity, a Christmas craft fair, seeing Santa and a lantern parade amongst other things.

To be honest, all those things had a bit of a non-festive mood inducing element to them for me. I couldn't see Midge very well in the evening performance because the only seats spare were the ones around the corner. I also had Little Man with me too who was hopping between myself and his Nanny as well as being wrestled to stay still on my lap.

This photo was taken by a school teacher. I think it's just lovely!

I couldn't see that brilliantly in the daytime performance either unfortunately. I think the real problem for me,was that 2 women sat behind us were just chatting away which was understandably very annoying! As if that wasn't bad enough, the Mother got up and started standing in front of everyone to take her photos! See, festive element ruined.

I baked mince pies. They weren't all that. I hate being gluten and dairy intolerant. I can't afford to spend nearly £3 on 4 mince pies and although i'm not bad at making my own it requires determination and skill with gluten free pastry in the kitchen!

There was Midges school craft fair. We made a Christmas tree from piping which was just stupid because none of us could do it- especially not our 4 year olds! Midge put it on the tree when we got home.. At least I tried I suppose,but as a perfectionist it bothers me its not a better craft!

The school fair was awful. They raised a lot of money but it was immensely packed with so many people, little children and lots of tables with people selling things. Just too much in one place. The whole Santa thing was a shambles as well. We waited for ages, Little Man ended up screaming with boredom so he missed out on the Santa visit and gift (which I paid for days before!) Instead, I eventually went in with Midge who was happy as anything to see the man in red and she got a nice present from him. I was also looking after my niece who didn't enjoy her experience quite as much! (and didn't get a gift..,)

Last night the lantern parade came past the house. I forgot about this yearly tradition in our town and it was a nice surprise. Shame we only saw it from the window but I guess it was the only time I felt really festive. I had my two beautiful babies, strangers singing carols whilst holding well made lanterns which had clearing taken a long time to make. Plus, we were warm and what's better than that?

I'll probably blog a couple more times before the festive period truly begins. I'll let you know if my mood changes! I'm not miserable,i'm just struggling this year with getting into the spirit of things..I know I'm not alone though which is comforting!


First Nativity!

Midge had her very first Nativity last week and it was a huge success! I helped with the school walks to and from one of the local churches so got a few sneak previews of the great costumes the children were wearing.

The play was called 'Woopsie Daisy Angel' which was a mixed story of a clumsy and forgetful fairy and the birth of the baby Jesus. I first saw her perform with all her friends during the day just before Husband left for work which was great timing on the schools part! This is where our photos all came from as in the evening performance I had a rather wriggly and hyperactive Little Man on my lap. It was 6pm so he was very tired by this point.

Midge performed brilliantly next to her friends, it made me really proud. We bought her some pretty, sparkly wings and Husband attached some tinsel to the bottom of her bridesmaids dress which we kept as a dressing up dress after the celebration.

They sang songs, lots of running and clapping was done by all of he children. For a group of 4 and 5 year olds they did amazingly well.

To round off the night we entered the school raffle...And won! A nice big tin of biscuits for the little ones and Husband. They were very pleased.
I hope you all enjoyed watching your children perform during their plays this year,whatever they performed. I've read a lot of posts from very proud parents and grandparents alike which is so lovely. Here's to Christmas then!

Family Breakfast- A New Tradition

Last Sunday I hosted a nice little breakfast for my side of the family. We've been invited to my sister-in-law's house for Christmas Day which will be lovely because all the children will be together so there will be lots of laughter and toys! I thought it would be nice to start up a new tradition of coming together and having Christmas breakfast at mine.

I made the invites, posted them off and added a little optional theme to the celebration: 'Pyjamas encouraged' the insert read. I'm pleased to say everyone a part from Gran and brother Bill (who doesn't own pj's) came all dressed up and looking very festive! My Dad resembled Scrooge a bit I think!

Even my lovely husband dressed up when approached by me the day before with an early Christmas present: a onesie! A fox one at that!

I thought he looked great and he has actually worn it to bed twice! Not sure I should mention that but oh well!
We enjoyed a lovely breakfast feast of scrambled eggs, plum tomatoes, beans and toast. There was a large amount of bacon, both meat and vegetarian sausages, waffles, hash browns and some yummy fried mushrooms!

Everybody tucked into their meals whilst chatting about all sorts and catching up. When we were all suitably full I popped on The Polar Express which is my new favourite, festive film. It was hard for no one to nod off to be honest, being that we were all stuffed to the top of our bellies, in our pj's watching a film in the warm!

My aunt actually did nod off but sadly not long enough to catch a photo! I'm so pleased I went ahead with this idea and really hope it becomes a family tradition. In sure next year will be even better if I keep going with my crafting hobby!

Ill leave you now with a photo from Saturday of myself and my younger sister trying out Husbands onesie before passing it on:

Yeah, we're a pair of idiots but I think that's why we're loved?


The 2012 Handmade Winter Craft Swap!

Here is the second craft swap I've participated in this winter. It took me a long time to make something for my swap partner Tamsin. I just wasn't sure what to make. Unfortunately this made me a bit late for posting but luckily Tamsin was in the same boat so I didn't feel too bad!

I made Tamsin a simple Christmas card then started making her a lovely cushion to pop on a chair or on her sofa/bed. I like cushions so I can't help but make them for others too.

I purchased this very festive yet not 'in your face festive' fabric online and sewed it by hand (damn sewing machine) resembling a Christmas present. I used ribbon and a charm to finish off the cushion as I felt it was 'missing' something. I used some tinsel to give it a bit of festive cheer!

Tamsin sent me some lovely items including this very well made fabric bag. As I collect notebooks, Tamsin thought I could use it to store them all in which I think is a superb idea. At the moment though I've been using it as my daughters' ballet uniform bag! The uniform is light and needs to be kept clean so this bag is ideal. Besides, I get to show it off by taking it outside!

Tamsin also made me this gorgeous heart and twine card hanger- perfect for this year! There are a few cards already up and I'm sure more to follow! The thing I really love about this make is the lovely wooden hearts and animals stuck to craft pegs. So cute and unique.

I really enjoyed this swap and hope Tamsin liked her gifts as much as I like mine.


Popular Crafts Letter Swap

I recently took part in a few swaps with 2 still on going. The first swap I took part in was a Letter Swap with the craft magazine Popular Crafts.

I really wanted to think outside of the box with this swap so it took me a while to think of something good enough to send my partner.

Eventually I had a brainwave and reused an old box to pop in some lovely note paper with matching envelopes, a handful of pencils and a nice new pen to write with. I also used some scrap fabric, ribbon and some fabric paint to make a cute heart with an 'S' on for my partner Samantha. To go with this letter theme, I purchased a lovely ring from Claire of Claireabellemakes

I really hope Samantha liked her gifts. I personally love writing letters and feel its a dying art so I like to encourage it where possible.

Now to show you what Samantha made for me!

I got this adorable pink bunny wrapped in some tissue paper. I love the colour pink and love cute little crafts like this. I've hung her up on the bunting in my front room.

Samantha also made me this lovely purse with a crochet flower and the letter 'H' pinned to the front. I've been using this to carry my vouchers and stamps so my purse isn't full of random bits and pieces!

Thank you to Samantha for my wonderful gifts and thanks again to Popular crafts for another Craft Swap. I hope I can join in some more next year.


I hate to write when I'm feeling low because I always think tomorrow i'll wake up and read some drivel I've written and have the hassle of deciding whether or not to delete the damn post..

Tonight I feel low. Like really low. I'm going to put it out there that I'm tired and hormonal so these will be the main reasons with other 'stuff' just not helping.

I feel incredibly lonely. I have no friends. I barely see my family, only my mum once a week. And that's not just to see me of course. In those few hours my husband cracks stupid jokes and we have to make sure mum spends time hugging Little Man and gets to see Midge either to or from school.

It's a busy world. Mum is out of work but starting a new job soon which she is heavily involved with setting up. My dad works and Mum has to time days correctly to make sure he's not freezing his butt off at the gates at pick up!

I do wish we could have more time together but I just don't see how. My sister is arriving back from Uni this weekend which us lovely. In reality though i'll see her just a few times before she goes back again. She has lots if shifts at the supermarket to pick up which is great as she gets some extra cash but she also has friends who have missed her and her them. It's hard to spread your time equally.

Unless you're me that is.

Because I have no mates to see, no coffee mornings with fellow mums to go to. Don't get me wrong, I'm not moaning here without even trying.
I tried making friends with a girl of a similar age to me. Everytime we arrange to meet, wether it's with or without children, she bottles it and I don't hear from her unless I text her again.

I talk and make friendly chat with the mums at school but that's all they want. Honest. Some will blank you completely, some will look through you but not at you and some will say "Hi" but as soon as their friend or group turn up I get the hint and shuffle to the side. ( If you don't shuffle away you'll find that you're gently nudged by the mum who is 'in' with said group and keen to not miss the conversation.)

I have people I chat to on Twitter. I have a couple of pen friends and a close friend I text and write to regularly. The problem with this for me is that they're not real, real friends in that you can't call and meet them for a chat and an offload. I haven't met ANY of them and most probably never will. I love them and appreciate them for being there for me even though it is only an e-mail or a text they're still there. Unlike everyone else I know...

I'm so tired of feeling alone. We're not getting much sleep at the moment because of Little Man and his head banging habit. An unfortunate phase I have to wait out I'm afraid. It's loud, annoying and whilst doesn't hurt him in the slightest it frustrates me for many reasons, one being I'm up at least 5 times between 2 and 4 to settle him and move his head away from the temptation that is the headboard.

Midge is picking up on every little vibe like the sensitive creature she is and is playing up big time. She's back chatting and bossing me about. At school she's this little angel but at home she's not quite so and it's all my fault.
It's my fault because we don't craft or bake or walk or go out like we used to. Bedtime is stressful even when I do everything in my power (and mind) to make it not stressful.

Look, I'm going to shut up now because no one likes a long blog post and least of all me. I just had to get this 'woe is me' out there. Might stay, might go. Tomorrow will decide!


This Weeks Reasons To Be Cheerful

We haven't done anything this week, just stayed in the warm watching TV and catching up on lost sleep. That sounds pretty lazy I know but Little Man has been having some rough nights lately thanks to his annoying but not new habit of head banging..that's a post of its own though..I'm going to put the moaning post of 12am to the back of my mind though and focus on my reasons to be cheerful this week:

1) I spoke to my neighbour yesterday evening who said she can't hear a thing from the children's rooms which is a massive relief for me. I hadn't seen her in ages but wanted to check because I know first hand what it's like to live next to noisy neighbours! I know I can't actually do anything for Little Man, but to have neighbours thinking we're hammering at 3am isn't great! Luckily she can't hear a thing. Thank goodness for these Cornish stone walls!!

2) We've finally sorted our finances out properly this week. Husband may have to switch shifts next year which ill hate because its night work..least he's still employed though! We'll have more money too which helps. It's amazing the relief you feel from sorting these things and husband in particular is a lot happier.

3) Midge has her nativity today! I've seen some photos of her and she looks so flaming adorable as an angel, like butter wouldn't melt! Ill be bringing my tissues just in case but it'll all be happiness I assure you!

4) Finally, my lovely little sister is coming in just 2 DAYS from Uni. Bring on chocolate, waxing, girly films, ice skating and a lovely family breakfast this Sunday!


Natures Decorations

I recently mentioned about going to my local Church for their Christmas fare. As Midge and Little Man were getting a bit tired and impatient waiting for Father Christmas, I decided a little walk around the grounds would be nice. 

Of course I was right. On our way around we picked up leaves, some which still had a faint bit of colour to them and even some pine cones. I bagged everything up and took our finds home. When we got in, I placed the pine cones onto the heaters around the home so they could open up. You'll see how much the open if you check on them which is quite cool!

Next, I decided we should turn our pine cones into some lovely decorations for our Christmas tree. All you will need are a few, basic things:

* A few pine cones
* Some glue and brushes
* Lots of glitter in lovely, different colours
* Ribbon or thread for hanging your pretty decoration

Pop all your bits and pieces on a table on top of some newspaper so your glitter doesn't go completely everywhere (unless you want to be like my house and have a VERY sparkly lounge!) Simply cover your pine cones (not too thickly though) in glue and sprinkle the glitter over. We used our fingers to pinch glitter and sprinkle it on, we mixed glitter to get some wonderful colours and also rolled our pine cones through the glitter. So many ways and so much fun!

Finally, tie some ribbon or thread around the top of your pine cone and hang onto your lovely tree. Stand back, and smile!

I've written this post as part of SnafflesMummy's 2012 Homemade Christmas Countdown. Do pop on over and catch up on the blogger's who have made some wonderful contributions so far.