First Nativity!

Midge had her very first Nativity last week and it was a huge success! I helped with the school walks to and from one of the local churches so got a few sneak previews of the great costumes the children were wearing.

The play was called 'Woopsie Daisy Angel' which was a mixed story of a clumsy and forgetful fairy and the birth of the baby Jesus. I first saw her perform with all her friends during the day just before Husband left for work which was great timing on the schools part! This is where our photos all came from as in the evening performance I had a rather wriggly and hyperactive Little Man on my lap. It was 6pm so he was very tired by this point.

Midge performed brilliantly next to her friends, it made me really proud. We bought her some pretty, sparkly wings and Husband attached some tinsel to the bottom of her bridesmaids dress which we kept as a dressing up dress after the celebration.

They sang songs, lots of running and clapping was done by all of he children. For a group of 4 and 5 year olds they did amazingly well.

To round off the night we entered the school raffle...And won! A nice big tin of biscuits for the little ones and Husband. They were very pleased.
I hope you all enjoyed watching your children perform during their plays this year,whatever they performed. I've read a lot of posts from very proud parents and grandparents alike which is so lovely. Here's to Christmas then!