Family Breakfast- A New Tradition

Last Sunday I hosted a nice little breakfast for my side of the family. We've been invited to my sister-in-law's house for Christmas Day which will be lovely because all the children will be together so there will be lots of laughter and toys! I thought it would be nice to start up a new tradition of coming together and having Christmas breakfast at mine.

I made the invites, posted them off and added a little optional theme to the celebration: 'Pyjamas encouraged' the insert read. I'm pleased to say everyone a part from Gran and brother Bill (who doesn't own pj's) came all dressed up and looking very festive! My Dad resembled Scrooge a bit I think!

Even my lovely husband dressed up when approached by me the day before with an early Christmas present: a onesie! A fox one at that!

I thought he looked great and he has actually worn it to bed twice! Not sure I should mention that but oh well!
We enjoyed a lovely breakfast feast of scrambled eggs, plum tomatoes, beans and toast. There was a large amount of bacon, both meat and vegetarian sausages, waffles, hash browns and some yummy fried mushrooms!

Everybody tucked into their meals whilst chatting about all sorts and catching up. When we were all suitably full I popped on The Polar Express which is my new favourite, festive film. It was hard for no one to nod off to be honest, being that we were all stuffed to the top of our bellies, in our pj's watching a film in the warm!

My aunt actually did nod off but sadly not long enough to catch a photo! I'm so pleased I went ahead with this idea and really hope it becomes a family tradition. In sure next year will be even better if I keep going with my crafting hobby!

Ill leave you now with a photo from Saturday of myself and my younger sister trying out Husbands onesie before passing it on:

Yeah, we're a pair of idiots but I think that's why we're loved?