Bugs and Tooth Fairies

It got me! The end of 2012 and the dreaded bug took me down! I feel much better today thankfully and have indulged in a small egg and soldiers breakfast which seems to be ok. Here's hoping its onwards and upwards with no more horrible viruses visiting my home! I spent most of yesterday under my duvet cuddling a bagged bin..yes it's as attractive as it sounds!

To cheer me up Midge bounded into the front room where I was snuggled in my sick bed with my Mum (who had very kindly popped over to help whilst Husband left for work until 10.30pm) and proudly showed off her tooth which had been stubbornly clinging onto those gums for dear life! She woke up this morning with £1 wrapped in tissue and covered in silver glitter. Here's my nearly 5 year old gappy bear:

Very pleased with herself!

We have no plans for seeing 2012 out tonight. The children will go to bed at the normal time and i'll try my hardest to watch the countdown but may not make it due to feeling so totally shattered. Whatever your plans may be, keep safe and have fun. See you in 2013. X