This Weeks Reasons To Be Cheerful

We haven't done anything this week, just stayed in the warm watching TV and catching up on lost sleep. That sounds pretty lazy I know but Little Man has been having some rough nights lately thanks to his annoying but not new habit of head banging..that's a post of its own though..I'm going to put the moaning post of 12am to the back of my mind though and focus on my reasons to be cheerful this week:

1) I spoke to my neighbour yesterday evening who said she can't hear a thing from the children's rooms which is a massive relief for me. I hadn't seen her in ages but wanted to check because I know first hand what it's like to live next to noisy neighbours! I know I can't actually do anything for Little Man, but to have neighbours thinking we're hammering at 3am isn't great! Luckily she can't hear a thing. Thank goodness for these Cornish stone walls!!

2) We've finally sorted our finances out properly this week. Husband may have to switch shifts next year which ill hate because its night work..least he's still employed though! We'll have more money too which helps. It's amazing the relief you feel from sorting these things and husband in particular is a lot happier.

3) Midge has her nativity today! I've seen some photos of her and she looks so flaming adorable as an angel, like butter wouldn't melt! Ill be bringing my tissues just in case but it'll all be happiness I assure you!

4) Finally, my lovely little sister is coming in just 2 DAYS from Uni. Bring on chocolate, waxing, girly films, ice skating and a lovely family breakfast this Sunday!