Snowmen,S'mores and So Much More!

Midge and Little Man came down to a rather festive surprise this morning: a box packed with goodies from those sneaky little elves.
To say they were excited would've been an understatement as they ripped into the tissue paper and discovered chocolates, lovely new pyjamas,Santa paper for letter writing, crackers and a new film to watch. We ate rubbish all morning, watched their new films Horton Hears A Who and Father Christmas which was short but lovely.

Later on, Little Man had a nap so Midge and I set about doing some crafty things. First we decided to make a snowman. Now, as you may have noticed there has been no snow (but plenty of rain of course) so we opted for the old A4 white paper and craft stash to create this lovely pair!

After we had made some rather fantastic snowmen we decided to create our own version of the rather tasty American treat the s'more! We used free from digestive biscuits, marshmallows and dairy free orange flavour chocolate..Yum!

They were the most delicious treats I have ever eaten and so addictive! Midge really enjoyed melting the chocolate and pouring it over the marshmallow (which caused some squealing whilst watching it swell to a big, squidgy mess in the microwave!)
We had great fun making these and I recommend you try them too!

To round off our day, we had a stroll about town to get some fresh air and did the tradition of leaving out some nice treats for Father Christmas and his reindeer friends. This year, he has been left 2 letters, a cupcake and s'more with carrots and a sparkly J2O. Lucky Santa!

Finally we've had a successful bedtime tonight (what a surprise!) so the stockings are laid out and the tree has been gifted with our beautifully wrapped presents. I can't wait to see the children's faces tomorrow morning!

I'd like to end this post by sending thoughts out to the wonderful family of Kerry who blogged at MultipleMummy. Sadly Kerry passed away 14th December which is so very sad. Such a wonderful, intelligent and friendly lady will be much missed not just in person but by the blogging community which she was very much a part of. Another star shines bright xxxxx

Thank you to everyone who has joined me this year to read my blog posts and share their thoughts with me. Here's to the New Year. May yours be bright and wonderful. X


  1. Have a wonderful family Christmas, and best wishes for 2013. Joy xx

    1. Thank you joy, hope you have a lovely time and all the best for 2013