Christmas 2012

Another Christmas has passed, another year almost done. My next post will be a little round up of our year which has overall been a good one. For now though, I'd like to share our very family Christmas.

I wasn't optimistic about Christmas Day given I knew several family members had only just recovered from the deaded lurgy. However, as everyone seemed better we went to my sister in laws where everyone (and I mean A LOT) of people were gathered.

Once we settled in we all exchanged and opened out gifts, the little ones ran around playing with their new toys and showing off what Father Christmas had left them. I was given a lovely photo frame which I've sadly left behind, very annoying because I know exactly where I want to place it! I also got a new sewing box, a jar of fluff and some wonderful cupcake socks which everyone knows are right up my street!

My two were spoiled as usual but they were very happy with their gifts, both receiving lots of clothes and crafty gifts which is lovely as we can spend some quality time together. After we opened our presents we all sat down to a lovely roast dinner. I chose to have some braised tofu with my dinner this year and it went down a treat! For the first time ever I refused pudding because I was stuffed!

My Father in Law has a girlfriend who lives in France and she had brought over a tasty looking cake which is part of a tradition in France I believe. The children chose an adult to have a slice of cake and 2 of the adults would eat the cake hopefully biting into a rather hard toy! My Husband bit into one of said toys (not too hard thankfully!) and how perfect was it that the toy was an ornament of a cake!

Mother in Law was the other winner, her toy was a mini lion which was cute! They were given crowns and told to choose their king/queen..of course, Husband chose me so I got to wear a crown and he even gave me the cake yey!

We returned home way pass bedtime so both the children were pretty overtired, mind you they were up at 3am! Little Man had an upset stomach that night which threw our Boxing Day plans in the air but thankfully he was much better by morning and we enjoyed a Boxing Day buffet at my parents house where more presents were opened and more fun was had.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas despite these horrid tummy bugs!



  1. Sounds like a lovely Christmas!

  2. Sounds like a lovely day!! That french tradition sounds really cute too! I posted about Christmas too and it took forever to do. The day goes so fast and it's hard to pinpoint it all again!

  3. Hope ur all better now and sounds like a fab Xmas xxx