Natures Decorations

I recently mentioned about going to my local Church for their Christmas fare. As Midge and Little Man were getting a bit tired and impatient waiting for Father Christmas, I decided a little walk around the grounds would be nice. 

Of course I was right. On our way around we picked up leaves, some which still had a faint bit of colour to them and even some pine cones. I bagged everything up and took our finds home. When we got in, I placed the pine cones onto the heaters around the home so they could open up. You'll see how much the open if you check on them which is quite cool!

Next, I decided we should turn our pine cones into some lovely decorations for our Christmas tree. All you will need are a few, basic things:

* A few pine cones
* Some glue and brushes
* Lots of glitter in lovely, different colours
* Ribbon or thread for hanging your pretty decoration

Pop all your bits and pieces on a table on top of some newspaper so your glitter doesn't go completely everywhere (unless you want to be like my house and have a VERY sparkly lounge!) Simply cover your pine cones (not too thickly though) in glue and sprinkle the glitter over. We used our fingers to pinch glitter and sprinkle it on, we mixed glitter to get some wonderful colours and also rolled our pine cones through the glitter. So many ways and so much fun!

Finally, tie some ribbon or thread around the top of your pine cone and hang onto your lovely tree. Stand back, and smile!

I've written this post as part of SnafflesMummy's 2012 Homemade Christmas Countdown. Do pop on over and catch up on the blogger's who have made some wonderful contributions so far.



  1. Great fun, I must give that a try, Joy xx

    1. Please do Joy they look great on the tee!

  2. Pretty! My mum used to spray pine cones with glitter when we were little but there seems to be a lack of cones around here :(

    1. Thanks :) I know what I mean, it was pure luck to find these 4!!xx

  3. Thanks for joining in. I am going to have to keep my eye out for some pine cones.