Are You Feeling Festive?

You know, I'm still trying to get into the festive spirit but it's just not happening this year. We've had Midges Nativity, a Christmas craft fair, seeing Santa and a lantern parade amongst other things.

To be honest, all those things had a bit of a non-festive mood inducing element to them for me. I couldn't see Midge very well in the evening performance because the only seats spare were the ones around the corner. I also had Little Man with me too who was hopping between myself and his Nanny as well as being wrestled to stay still on my lap.

This photo was taken by a school teacher. I think it's just lovely!

I couldn't see that brilliantly in the daytime performance either unfortunately. I think the real problem for me,was that 2 women sat behind us were just chatting away which was understandably very annoying! As if that wasn't bad enough, the Mother got up and started standing in front of everyone to take her photos! See, festive element ruined.

I baked mince pies. They weren't all that. I hate being gluten and dairy intolerant. I can't afford to spend nearly £3 on 4 mince pies and although i'm not bad at making my own it requires determination and skill with gluten free pastry in the kitchen!

There was Midges school craft fair. We made a Christmas tree from piping which was just stupid because none of us could do it- especially not our 4 year olds! Midge put it on the tree when we got home.. At least I tried I suppose,but as a perfectionist it bothers me its not a better craft!

The school fair was awful. They raised a lot of money but it was immensely packed with so many people, little children and lots of tables with people selling things. Just too much in one place. The whole Santa thing was a shambles as well. We waited for ages, Little Man ended up screaming with boredom so he missed out on the Santa visit and gift (which I paid for days before!) Instead, I eventually went in with Midge who was happy as anything to see the man in red and she got a nice present from him. I was also looking after my niece who didn't enjoy her experience quite as much! (and didn't get a gift..,)

Last night the lantern parade came past the house. I forgot about this yearly tradition in our town and it was a nice surprise. Shame we only saw it from the window but I guess it was the only time I felt really festive. I had my two beautiful babies, strangers singing carols whilst holding well made lanterns which had clearing taken a long time to make. Plus, we were warm and what's better than that?

I'll probably blog a couple more times before the festive period truly begins. I'll let you know if my mood changes! I'm not miserable,i'm just struggling this year with getting into the spirit of things..I know I'm not alone though which is comforting!


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