Delicious Free From Chocolate Pastry Roll

Two weeks ago The Great British Bake Off focused on pastry. I've seen lots of lovely tarts and vol-au-vents but didn't join in on this occasion, I had the time because I use a bought gluten free puff pastry and can make a gluten free shortcrust pastry, I guess I just lacked the motivation this week and I'm not very imaginative!

I did bake a pastry related item however but chose not to link it because my bake didn't match any of the challenges. This bake is super easy, it's a gluten and milk free chocolate pastry roll and was delicious.

My Super a Simple Ingredients:
1 pack of gluten free puff pastry
1-2 bags of milk free chocolate chips
Some dairy free chocolate spread
1 egg or some soya milk

I rolled out the pastry on a floured surface and spread the chocolate over the top. I then scattered the chocolate chips over the pastry and rolled the pastry up to make one long roll. I brushed the rolled up pastry with some soya milk but you can use egg, this is just to give a lovely golden brown look to your bake.

I baked at 180 for 25 minutes but I think 30-35 would've been better. Once it was slightly cooler I cut the pastry into slices. I love this bit because you get to see the swirls on the inside of your bake! The roll was a big hit in this house so let me know if you try this super simple bake too!

Cupcake Mumma

*Note* I wasn't sent any of the above ingredients. I bought the items myself and photographed them for the purposes of this bake. I bought the puff pastry from Asda,the chocolate chips from Tesco (they come with a milk warning but I'm not allergic so I find I'm okay using them) and I got the chocolate spread in Holland and Barrett.


  1. The simplistic recipes are always the best in my opinion ;)
    Thanks for linking up to #Picknmix
    Stevie x

  2. That looks like a fab recipe! I love the idea of chocolate rolled in pastry. Delish!