Our Week That Was Week 30

I started my week last week by getting a train to the next town and popping in to the local florist there. I wanted to lay some flowers for a local man called Dave Curnow who died in hospital on Monday. What was so sad was that he had be touring Afghanistan when he came back home to Cornwall to see friends and family but instead on a night out was caught up in something awful. These incidents don't happen very often around here, so as you can imagine everyone whether they knew Dave or not felt pain and sadness for him and his family. I laid my flowers and left after a few minutes, I didn't know Dave, I just wanted to pay my respects but it was hard. I can't imagine how much harder it is for his family and friends.

I was totally thrown off for the rest of day. Just feeling thankful but also worried about the world we now live in. I stayed home and sorted some things out and then had some me time. The next day I caught up on some pen pal mail and I received some too which was lovely. I loved the paper my American pen pal used.

Last week I also went shopping with my sister in law. We picked up some Christmas gifts for our little ones and I saw some bits for Mr B too. My list is shrinking already and it makes me feel good! We were joined by Little T later on as she finished nursery. It was lovely to get some cuddles.

I baked cakes for the school cake sale (but in our rush we left them behind!!) at least the children had money to buy cake from other parents at school so I didn't feel too bad. I visited the library and made a chocolate mug cake when the cravings hit but I couldn't be bothered to bake an actual cake!

Finally, last Saturday Grandma took the Mini Cupcakes out on a double decker bus ride (with no roof!) and visited family. While they had an exciting day Mr B and I headed out for breakfast together before he played football. He was playing an away game so I couldn't watch, I stayed home to potter about and watch my Prison Break in peace! We had a lovely Sunday lunch together the next day after Midge enjoyed a party at a roller skating rink and Roo Bear and I chilled out at home together. That Sunday night (alright more early Monday morning!) I caught the moon being beautiful. It was the Super Blood Moon, I missed that bit but saw the lunar eclipse.

Let me know if you've blogged your week and I'll hop by for a read and a comment!

Cupcake Mumma


  1. Looks like you had a lovely week! So sad about Dave Curnow :( So lovely of you to give flowers though...very thoughtful! xx

    1. It really is sad, I had to do something. Thanks for reading xx