#Pinaddicts! The Pinterst Challenge January!

Here we go then, time to unveil our hard work of January's  #Pinaddicts Challenge hosted by the lovely Kerry at LoveBump along with a whole bunch of lovely Pinterest crazy ladies! I thought I'd join and dip my toes in so as to test the waters. I'm not a natural crafter and never plan to be but one thing I do know is how to bake a cake!

Most of you have already seen this on m Project 366 Challenge as it was made for my dear other Half who turned 22 January 24th.

So, here's what a made! A KitKat, Smarties galore chocolate cake!
The original cake is done with M&M's but my lot prefer Smarties. This also means I have to buy less as they're bigger. 
Simply make up your normal cake mix (I don't weigh my ingredients) I cook my cakes at 150 in a fan assisted oven which sounds like it takes a while, and it does, but it's worth it. I always recommend cooking your cakes slower than fast for even cooking.

Once your cake is out, get a damp tea towel if you notice the top of your cake has risen a bit too much. While your cake is in the tin, you can gently push on the damp cloth to get rid of this extra bit of cake! I prefer to do this because, as a perfectionist, it's far easier than getting the cake out and trimming the top which sometimes can go horribly wrong!

So there are some tips that you will never use because, quite simply, baking shouldn't be that picky ! BUT, and yes that is a big but, this was for my fellow Pinaddicts so it had to be great! Oh and um, of course for the Other Half..Oops.

Ice your yummy cake with chocolate icing and pop your KitKats all around the outside. Mine had to be trimmed down as I used a smaller cake tin than the original. I then used some ribbon (hope no one minds chocolate stained ribbon on their wedding invites..?) to make it look 'pretty'. Throw the Smarties onto the top to cover the icing. After popping in a few candles for good measure and a lovely little note I feel I did a good job.

Nobody tell him he's on here haha
Now I'm looking forward to seeing all my other lovely #Pinaddicts hard work and I'm looking forward to February's make which i cannot divulge as it is a surprise for someone I know!
Hope you had fun! *Hands out cake* *Smiles* 
Hannah X