Reasons to be Cheerful

There hasn't really been much to blog about recently. Who stole the beautiful weather by the way and how much for it back? It's May! I'm all for a bit of rain, it's very important after all but come on, a little bit more sun please?

I haven't been about much but I love the Reasons to be Cheerful link up and as I have a few things to be happy about I thought I should get typing.

1) I have been receiving a lot of 'happy mail.' I love 'snail mail' (as posting letters is commonly referred to) because I can get so much out and I can show a friend I'm really thinking about them by taking the time to sit down and put pen to paper. I have been getting mail from new pen pals which is so exciting. I received this beautiful bracelet from an American pen pal.

Midge also has a pen pal now. They exchange gifts and everything it's the sweetest thing and her writing in school is coming on leaps on bounds!

2) This Saturday marks the last football game of the season which means Hubby and I can finally plan some family days out without his sports getting in the way! I love that he has a hobby, has something he enjoys doing and is good at but obviously I miss his company. It's hard to do things on a weekday as there's school and he works late shifts, so Saturday is a day to go out. Sunday is for pj's, roast dinners and maybe the park if we fancy it!

3) I passed my exam! It wasn't a hard exam but it was still an exam. I lucked out on a couple of questions by the process of elimination and others I got totally wrong (as usual the most obvious!) but I still passed and am now have an Anatomy and Physiology Level 3 Diploma. I'm looking into baby massage courses and reflexology. My vocation in life is to help people in some way. I find that by sending gifts once a month and writing surprise letters I help people but if I can help people with a therapy of some kind then that would be just great.

I hope you all have something to be cheerful about this week too. Please share it with me in the usual place :-)

CupcakeMumma x

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