A-Z Challenge I - I'm Not Perfect!

Yes, I'm not perfect.

I wanted to share with you all a few reasons why I am not perfect. Not at all. Not in the slightest despite the pink, the prettiness, the crafty posts and all those family outings. I like not being perfect, I like being normal I just don't blog it because if I did well, you'd all be bored!

So here we are, I...

1) I spend at least 2 days a week in my PJ pants. If I have nothing to do and no where to go then I have no one to dress for. I will quite happily chill out with my boy while Midge is at school and relax! Alright so I have to clean up and cook, do all the usual stuff but I don't need jeans for that! The postman is used to my attire too so I don't even have to care about him!

2) Sometimes I let my baps run wild on the school run. I don't have a large chest which makes me happy. Now, I don't walk around bra-less in a t-shirt but under a good hoody and/or a coat I'm good to go. I hate bras alright? *burns bra*

3) I swear. A lot. It's a nasty habit that I really need to break! I actually think a girl who swears is pretty unattractive to be honest...Good job there's no one to attract anymore!! No seriously, I am trying but it's very hard. I owe the swear jar over £10. That's mainly to pay it back though to be honest. I liked that bag I saw...

4) I don't make homemade meals every night. Lots of people don't but they don't admit it do they? I'm not talking about take outs because not many people have a problem admitting they have a good old take out perhaps every week. We actually honestly don't do take outs but we do do chips and chicken nuggets or fish fingers. The biggest dinner in our house? The one which gets the children real excited? Cereal dinner night!

A big bowl of chosen cereal, a plate of toast, a drink of choice and a nice big banana, maybe some pudding too. A seriously yummy dinner although perhaps not very filling I don't know. My children enjoy the meal and they don't complain of hunger at 3am so I'm not about to feel bad about my weekly 'lazy tea.'

5) My children don't sleep. OK one does (finally, after 3 years of not) but one doesn't. I'm tired a lot of the time which means I'm not always the nicest Wife or Mother. I feel bad about that of course I do but again, I'm not perfect, I'm not a robot and I'm also allergic to lack of sleep* 

So there you go. My blog would drive me nuts if I wrote about how low I often felt, how fed up I am of Max and bloody Ruby at 12am. No one would want to read it trust me. I write my blog so I can look back and remember those cakes I baked with Midge and that mess my children made with big smiles on their faces. If that makes people think I'm a perfect little housewife then that's fine. Just so you know though, I'm not (no matter how much I wish I was!)

*may be an exaggeration

An 'I'm not perfect' cake fail (and it's a microwave cake which we all know is just lazy)