A Fantastic Gluten & Milk Free Pancake Day!

I love Pancake Day! A lovely friend popped over today and handed me a recipe for some gluten free pancakes. I didn't bother with weights, but I had all the ingredients and my very good (alright, overly keen) eye and piled up the plate!

Hubby went for good old chocolate spread, Midge had already eaten some at Grandmas house so decided against another round, while Little A went for a sprinkle of sugar on both of his. I however, went for banana and vanilla flavoured soya custard. It was So. Good!



It's little mans birthday on Thursday and we usually do birthday pancakes for breakfast but since we are having a nice breakfast out, I think I will have them for birthday dinner instead! It has the positive of also being something A is definitely going to eat and they're very filling (especially so if you're a massive pig like me who had 4!!)

Happy Pancake Day Everyone!

Cupcake (Pancake?) Mumma