My Week That Was Captured ~ Week 7

This week went so fast! I woke up on Monday determined to not hate the day as I always dread Monday's! I'm pleased to say that it paid off. I was calmer on the school run and had a lovely nursery run with Little A later on. School runs are very hard with A and his SPD as he's so distracted by literally everything! In the afternoon I took A to nursery with a hot chocolate in hand as he enjoyed a cookie and on the way back I enjoyed looking in some charity shops where I found a few bargains. I later baked some yummy cookies which I enjoyed munching in front of the TV!

Tuesday just couldn't be another Monday sadly. It was a long day and A didn't sleep well so I kept him home from nursery today. We had lots of cuddles and he tried out his new sensory necklace. I don't think I'm getting the dummy off him anytime soon which is a real pain because of his age!

Posting happy mail// Smiley boy// Cookie munching// New bargain plate find// Home baking!// School run hot chocolate//  Tired cuddles on Tuesday// Playing cars//  Hiding behind Olaf

On Wednesday I stayed out with A after dropping Midge off. He was a little grumpy but I had to get some bits from town. We went into Costa where A played with his new digger and I had a hot chocolate. We then went to the library where we spent half an hour going through children's books before watching our regular train and heading to nursery. The rest of the day was just usual pottering about with nothing much exciting.

On Thursday morning after dropping off Midge, A and I went a different way home and found some chalk pictures some children had drawn. I thought it was really cool and reminded me of how much fun that activity is. We had a bit of a stand off but I won eventually (or maybe he did because we had to go his way home which was the long way *sigh*) my Mum popped over later on and we did the school run together before heading home and having dinner together. She stayed until 8pm which was nice.

Costa with Little Man// Playing not eating// At the library// Stubborn man// Girls are the best!// Cute chalk art// Healthy porridge// Trains// Very tired boy

On Friday I didn't have to do the school run because A's new bed was meant to be arriving early. Midge went to breakfast club and I stayed in all morning waiting for this didn't come until 3pm when it should have arrived at 9am! Least I wasn't paying delivery that's all I could say. I was also lucky that because A had such a disturbed night and had conked out on the sofa I decided to give him early half term. Jay picked Midge up and because A had brightened up we all headed off to my youngest nieces' 3rd birthday party at a soft play center. She had an amazing time and so did all the children. The cake was amazing!

On Saturday we went to a local restaurant and had a big breakfast with Jays family which was so good. I was so full for the rest of the day! A did really well but it's not his ideal environment. Afterwards, Jay went to play football and stayed home getting the children some water play set up and I read a book and sorted A's room. Nothing happened for valentines, The first time we didn't bother and it was fine. I did do hubby a card and he bought mine but forgot to write it ha!

New book// Testing out his new sensory chew// Valentines cupcake made in nursery// T on the slides// Olaf cake!// Spinning fun// Blowing out her candles// Pretty birthday girl at breakfast// Creamy chicken on some weird pasta!

Hope you all had a good week! Next week is half term. My niece is having a sleep over, Midge has requested an indoor picnic and I'm hoping to do some messy play.

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  1. My twins love Frozen and T especially loves Olaf :-) gorgeous pictures sounds like you've been busy x #TWTWC

  2. Lots of lovely photos! If it's any consolation I thought Matthew would be a teenager with his dummy In tow but he did eventually give it up! 😃

  3. Those cookies look amazing!!

    That book sounds really interesting.

    Popping over from #twtwc

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  4. A lovely week :) glad the positivity helped you feel more relaxed! I really need to start channelling some of that.

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx

  5. Sounds like a very mixed week but relaxing and doing what suits you best is always a good place to start. Your niece's cake really is something! #TWTWC