Our Week That Was Captured ~ Week 8

Sorry for the lack of blog posts, this week has been half term for the little ones and it's been rather nice in many ways. Nice to spend some time together, great to have longer in bed, great that Hubby had 2 days off and so good to finally chill. If you read here often you'll know most mornings are a struggle ,not just getting ready but getting to and from the school (at least 4 times a day and 6 Monday's!)

This week we had my eldest niece staying with us. She slept over at the weekend and woke early on Monday eager to do stuff. They did a bit of water play before we all went out and I got sucked into spending a small fortune in the pound store on craft supplies! When we came home I placed glue, paints, pom poms and feathers on the kitchen floor so they could get crafty for a bit. Later my niece went to her Nans for another sleep over and Midge went to my Mums for the night! Little A and I read some nice story books before I spent some time with Midge before Grandma came to collect her.

On Tuesday I came out in this horrid cold which totally took me by surprise. I spent all afternoon on the sofa barely doing anything, just waiting for my friend to arrive. It was a rather spontaneous idea but it was lovely to have a hot drink, a natter and to see her daughter again. Midge turned up just as they left which was gutting and so typical! We enjoyed delicious pancakes in the evening with thanks to said friend dropping over a new recipe I've never tried before. I had mine with banana custard, the children just had a small bit of sugar and even pancake-hater Hubby had some chocolate spread on one. Yum!

Cousins crafting// Little A's artwork// Banana and custard pancakes// Some happy mail ready to be posted.

On Wednesday I really did feel bad! I had a proper duvet day and was very grumpy. I had my aunt over in the afternoon and grabbed a much needed hot shower before that. We did some dog training then watched Outnumbered on Netflix before she left. I put myself straight back into the duvet with two hot water bottles and a lot of tissues for my streaming nose! I did little A's cake whilst Jay put him to bed but had no energy to make a real great cake this year. I nearly fainted whilst icing it so had to take a break! I read a little of my book then called it a night. I was joined as usual not longer after I went up by A crawling up my stairs to get into my bed. He was really fussy on this night, why is it when you're at your weakest!?

Thursday my beautiful boy turned four years old (I know!) we had a family breakfast in town, went shopping and spent some time with my nieces and nephews in their new home before having picky tea and cake. We were all a bit under weather sadly and I was really feeling it in the morning. So glad I was able to last until bedtime!

Boy in my bed!// Opening his present with help from Midge, Happy birthday and candle blowing time!// The destroyed before it had chance to be photographed birthday cake!

On Friday Jay had another day off so he had a long weekend. I had a bit of a lay in and we had a mostly lazy day. We decided to cut the children's hair today before they went back. Midges was easy because she's growing it and just needed it trimmed a tiny bit, Little A's needed to be cut properly. With his SPD it's a blog post in itself but let's just say during the second half of having it done he was a total star and I am so proud of him. After hair cuts we went outside where we put paint on some tarpaulin and slid around. This was Jay's idea and so much fun! We got cleaned up and had a picky tea but I started to feel really unwell again shortly after. I put Midge to bed then stayed on my sofa watching live Eastenders and Gogglebox!

On Saturday I had a nice lay in, I read a lot of my Harry Potter book and started writing a letter which I've felt too rough to catch up on all week, I haven't even blogged this week! Jay had a football match but was too far away to watch so the children mostly entertained themselves while I started early spring cleaning. I'm de-cluttering first, the house is messier than when I started! Still a nice day overall with a very late bedtime for me- oh dear!

Cousins posing together// Half trough the hair cut a much needed break was required// More happy mail ready to post// Fridays movie of choice? Good old Harry Potter!

Next week is back to school and I'm not looking forward to it. My Gran is having a knee replacement so I'm hoping to see her at some point, although I do have a phobia of hospitals so we shall see! I know I must really. I have parcels to post, letters to write and hopefully a catch up with a friend who is back from the grand U.S of A! Have a great week.

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  1. I'm sorry you were ill over half term :( A few of my friends were! But that cake looks pretty darn good considering you will ill making it.
    Happy 4th Birthday little one!