Polka Dot Themed Gift Swap!!

Homemade Polka Dot Swap

I am absolutely loving my gift swaps at the moment. So far I've done a 5 item heart themed gift swap, a mug swap and I'm taking part in a sunshine swap with KatSighs. Then in October Ill be hosting my very own UK Mug Swap!

For this swap, I turned to PopularCrafts who run a fantastic website and whom I see lots of on Twitter. I've just subscribed to their magazine as it's never in my local store! The theme for this swap was 'Polka Dots.' It took me a while to think of something as my swap partner, Natalie doesn't give much away on her blog!

After admitting I was struggling a bit she said she loves to bake. Well, so do i! Of course as soon as she said this I knew exactly what I wanted to post off. A small suitcase full of little treats to make some tasty treats for her and her family!

First of all I scoured the shops for cake cases- these had to be polka dot themed. I was in luck! I found these great red and blue ones. I then picked up some flags to add a little 'tea party' theme to any cupcakes Natalie should wish to bake!

Afterwards I popped to my local sweet shop to load up on some extras for toppings! I bought some Cornish fudge, mini marshmallows and some buttons. I put some chopped, roasted hazelnuts into a bag and cut up the fudge (saves Natalie a job after all!) Luckily there were spare buttons for the children and spare marshmallows for me yum!
All packed away nicely in a mini suitcase (from a jam making set!) and it's
all polka dot themed!
Next I thought about adding a little card. I had already written a note, so i thought about adding my two favourite recipes. Now, i now know Natalie does a lot baking and will most likely have these recipes (especially the cookie one-fact!) but still...
I printed off some themed paper, then added a cupcake print inside. I handmade 2 mini envelopes and added a chocolate chip and hazelnut recipe and then a fudge icing recipe which is perfect with vanilla cupcakes.

I went for green as it is Natalie's favourite colour. No matter how hard I tried though,
pink just couldn't be avoided-sorry!

Here is what it all looks like! Packed up and ready to go!

We also had to add a gift totally no more than £3.

A very cute little book from The Works I came across
Some of my favourite travel sized hand cream and a nice lip balm
i think Natalie will love.

Now I just have to wait and see how loved the package is!!