Up To No Good

I think anyone who has been following me any amount of time will know I have 2 rather beautiful if not rather cheeky children. I also think out of these two children you, my fellow reader, can guess exactly which beautiful, cheeky child this post is about…
Yes, this one:

I, (very foolishly) relaxed myself before bedtime one evening recently allowing the children to play nicely together before PJ time. Usually they just chase each other a bit, Little Miss will do some drawing while occasionally having to get up and ‘rescue’ Little Man from the toy box he climbs into. Sometimes Little Miss likes to dress up and go off into her imaginary world and this can sometimes mean borrowing a few of Mummy’s items- you know the handbag (which usually I empty first) which she’ll fill up with fake coins and stuff it to the brim with small toys.

This time however I made the fatal error of not paying any attention to the removal of my most important handbag items, the main one being my purse. By the time I had finished playing about on my iPhone and listening to the Charlie and Lola theme tune play repeatedly the contents of my bag were strewn across the floor and the bag was stuffed as above.
I located all my belongings, told myself off for not paying any attention to what they were playing with and scooped up my purse without even thinking to look.

11.00am the next day I decided to venture out with Little Miss leaving Little Man with Daddy. I had nothing spectacular planned, just pick some bits up from Tesco so Little Miss and I could make our rather new and yummy vanilla and roasted hazelnut cupcakes. Unfortunately when I reached the checkout (you know where this is going right) I couldn’t pay for a thing! No cash, no debit card, no credit cards nothing. Not to mention my gas card which seemed to be a miss too? Of course I knew exactly what had happened or rather WHO had happened to them but where were my cards now? How will an 18 month old tell me where my cards are?

We left rather red faced after holding up a queue but thankful it was a few bits and not my usual weekly shop! Once home it was a mission to find all my most essential cards. I pulled up rugs, turfed out the toy box and lifted the sofa, laundry bin, even checked inside the washing machine! I double and triple checked my handbag and purse (in case I was going mad- wishful thinking) but I simply could not find my cards!
Where were they? I’ll tell you where they were. My two beautiful, cheeky children were upstairs fast asleep and I was settling down for the night reserved to the fact I may never find my cards again when I noticed my TV was wonky- pet hate number 1 right there. I got up to straighten said TV and low and behold what do I find pushed right under but now peeking slightly out from under the TV stand? Yes, all 3 of my most needed cards!

I now hang my handbag up and have given Little Miss one of my older ones so I never have to go through that again!
What have your little ones done recently to embarrass you? When was the last time they sent you running around in circles looking for something important?


(This is a blog post I was planning to write but I have included a paid link. As always all words are my own and honest)

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