A Date With the Olympics

Some people went to the fabulous event with their flags and 3D glasses, some stayed on their comfy sofas watching eagerly at the wonderful event all come together. Some people (like myself) sat right in front  of their TV, iPhone in hand getting arse ache on their kitchen chair all in the name of British pride!
It may have been a long evening but I'm glad I stayed up to watch the ceremony (and thankful the children didn't wake!) Here's where it started for me.
 I looked online for the schedule and saw the time counter ticking down! Before it all kicked off you could see the scenery and people ready to start- it was a really great scene with all the dressing up, the giant water wheel, not to mention the animals!

Here's a bit of the count down. I like the random places they found the numbers, sort of artistic in my mind which is why I snapped away at this point.

 And then it all began! All the women, girls and men dressed as country folk in a simpler time enjoying the fruits of their labour and working hard in the peaceful countryside.
Isambard kingdom Brunel, the great mechanical and civil engineer looks on at his work turning the countryside upside down with chimneys, dusty, soot covered workers in the time known to us in history as the Industrial Revolution. This part was titled 'Pandemonium.'

We Remember the fallen from World War One. Silence swept through the stadium and I expect many homes too. 
The suffragettes pay their respects, another group so very important to our history.

As the work continues we see the making of a glowing circle which slowly rises to meet two rings suspended in the air. It soon became apparent what this was going to be and boy, it did not disappoint! The fireworks that poured off of the rings, the view from above, even at home I could appreciate just how amazing this whole spectacle was.

The stadium turns all patriotic flashing red, white and blue for the Queens anthem (which yes I sang along to). Servicemen and women carried our flag and flew it at full mast whilst our Queen looked on. What was really special was the choir who led 'God Save The Queen.' They are the Kaos Signing Choir. The children were dressed in their pyjamas both singing and signing the National Anthem. Wonderful.

Now we're onto my favourite part! A tribute to our NHS and the fantastic children's hospital Great Ormand Street. It was pretty amazing watching all the children and adults (many of whom are nhs staff) perform such a large part in the opening ceremony.It was faultless and amazing. The nurses were pictured as caring, helping individuals there to take the fright away from the idea of being in hospital. What ensued was much dancing, fantastic choreography and finally a huge display in the centre of the stadium which could only really be appreciated from above.

Isn't that amazing!!
One of my favourite authors (and one of our best loved ones at that) JK Rowling took to the 'stage' reading from one of the greatest books ever written; Peter Pan. We see the stadium come alive with monsters, giant characters from children's books such as Cruella Deville and the most impressive (and frightening!) Lord Voldemort. There was also The Child Catcher and Mary Poppins who stepped in to sooth the children and get rid of all the nastiness. By the end, all of the approximately 300 children were standing on beds after a dance routine. That's a lot of children!

Next there was another chance to remember many lost souls. The day after Great Briton secured the Olympic games was the day of the 7/7 bombing. In this section we got to see photographs submitted, I definitely shed a tear. What followed was a very moving and powerful dance routine depicting the struggles between life and death.

Nearing the end and possibly the most boring bit was watching all 204 countries coming into the stadium. I did get into it though, some of their clothing was amazing, some countries I had never heard of had me interested and of course I wanted to see Great Britain emerge- I did indeed stay awake!
Look how many people there were!
It was pretty good hearing the Artic Monkeys a bit later on too, although not my favourite band in the world I don't mind listening to them. The cyclists with their huge wings were great weren't they? They were symbols of the doves which are released at the Olympics as a sign of peace.

Sir Steve Redgrave lit the torch and carried it through to the stadium where he was met by 7 sporting youngsters all nominated to light the cauldron. It soon became apparent what the copper petals were for at this moment. The petals allowed the fire to spread and slowing rising from the ground our Olympic ceremony was complete!

I've read lots of blogs from people who were lucky enough to be there and although the atmosphere must have been just incredible, I was snuggled in my duvet and honestly got a fantastic view, made some great memories and felt so proud of my country. Come on Team GB!



  1. I loved when the Queen spoke to James Bond. :)

    1. That made me laugh! Good to see her sense of humor!

  2. Wow, wow fantastic ceremony round-up - my you're committed!