Listography~ Top 5 toys for Christmas

Yes a bit late on the old Listography but I had to think about it quite hard for some reason. Anyway, here are my top 5 toys for Christmas, I've been interested in reading other bloggers Top 5 faves as well and look forward to seeing the list of Christmas toy no-brainers!! Although, I have done my Christmas shopping already..hmmm.
When I was a little girl I was not in to Lego or any building thing to be quite honest, and I do find it's a very expensive 'toy' to buy hence why I still don't own any. But recently I bought The Sun newspaper for the sheer fact they were selling Lego, and 2 were in the form of Harry Potter so I was very pleased. I noticed Little Miss loved it straight away so I've decided that if i see anything on sale or even second hand I may consider buying it and chucking it in with the big building blocks!

2. Dolls House
My younger sister had a dolls house for a very long time and we often played a little bit with it. I think sometimes a dolls house isn't just for playing with it's also for building up a collection of items and showing it off. My sister even made little bits to put in her house and she loved it for years. It was well worn when she passed it on..Little Miss doesn't seem too in to the idea of dolls houses right now but I'm sure in a couple of years it'll be on the list for Father Christmas!

I loved getting a Barbie if I ever had it down on my list. A lot of little girls are pretty happy with any Barbie and I think she's fab as long as people don't read in to her too much. As a youngster I don't remember thinking half the things people mention now. Now, Barbie with tattoos and video cameras is a bit too far for me, i think Barbie is great for role playing character...Princess Barbie in my house is very quickly 'Super Barbie'. Love imagination.

4.Toy Trains
I love wooden train sets! Little Miss likes them and I'm pretty sure Little Man does too! I think I might go buy one with my vouchers that are left now that this one has jumped out at me! Do people still buy these train sets?

5.Craft Sets
Must be a winner for most people and I love them too! We bought Little Miss one last year and it's still going strong minus a few  a lot of pieces missing all in name of a good cause (sticker wall anyone?) Children can be kept busy for ages with some drawing/sticking etc and I think every child should get a nice, big craft set just once, as it lasts for a very long time (with refills!!)

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  1. Great choices - there'll be a few of them in the final list! (And yes - people do still buy train sets!)