Life Circle Week 4: SMART

So here's to week 4 of The Life Circle. This week it's all about making sure the goals we have set ourselves are SMART (Specific.Measurable.Achievable.Realistic.Timed) 
These are my goals (roughly):

1. I want to read up on the Open Uni course and sort out massage course

2. I want to have paid the church wedding fees off by spring next year
3. I want to join a baby and toddler group with my son for some one and one time 
4. I want to be getting together with my family monthly for dinners during the next 6 months (as much as we can)
5. I will be on a lower dose of my medication in the New Year
6. Finally to get some exercise in preferably by the New Year at least 3 times a week.I want to be toned and a perfect size 12

I feel all my goals are already Achievable and Realistic. So just to fine tune the rest! 

1. I want to give myself 2 months to study my Anatomy and Physiology course I have just paid for (this is recommended time as a short course) while saving for the practical but keep the OU course in mind. It depends where I am taken summer next year now. 

2. I still want to have paid the wedding fees off by spring next year. I have £290 to go and it will happen!

3.I want to join a baby and toddler group before Christmas. I need to try out a few and pick my favourite without feeling bad when I dislike one. I would like to stick to the group for a fair while too.

4. I would like to sit down with my mum and plan through the calender days when we are free to host roast dinners once every month when possible. That's a more achievable and realistic plan. I also think we should start in the New Year making it a bit like a resolution, see more of everyone!!

5. My current dose of anxiety tablets are up for review in the New Year when I can discuss lowering the dose. I feel ready for this but am not naive as I have been there before when it has not worked. I still feel this is a good SMART goal.

6. I want to do some exercise at least 3 times a week and start this before Christmas. If I start in the New Year it may feel like a resolution to break. I want to get rid of that word 'perfect' for that is not achievable nor realistic, but i can be more of a comfortable size 12.

So there, may not be entirely correct I'm not sure, but that's Week 4 complete and I feel quite good that I have some clearer direction and also that I have already started on a goal I thought was a lot further in the future!


  1. My Mum worked for social services but many many years ago (during the eighties) before she went to Uni she qualified in aromatherapy, massage & reflexology. I would regulary get my feet massaged by her....It was great!

    I think that it lovely that you want to get your family together for roast dinners x

  2. Its really good that you have goals relating to different parts of your life - yourself, finances, your 1-1 time with your son and your wider family - I think that may help you to stick to them and to feel good about lots of parts of life. Good luck!