Loosing my camera for a whole week!

I have very generously decided to help my brother in his uni work by lending him my lovely camera. I can't say I've done this easily, I know I should but how many of us willfully give our things away? Especially those of us who think of their camera as one of their favourite possessions in the world!
I am glad however to be able to help my brother, and I know I'll get it back. Since starting my blog again I have been inspired to take photos of many things I see or do, or that my children do and the thought of it being quite far from me for over a week makes me a little sad (maybe in both senses of the word.)
Although I do think about what my camera will be doing. Capturing some lovely sea views and landscape photos to put towards a good piece of work for my brother who is sure to do well. I'm sure a week goes fast and lets just hope that I see no fab photos for The Scavenger Hunt or that it is still absent by the next Gallery prompt!


  1. Wow, you're a more generous woman than I! You'll have to make him take a beautiful picture for you as thanks.

  2. Oh Wow...I'd feel lost if I went a whole week without my camera! x

  3. I'm feeling very, very lost! I just hope it's worth it :) x