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Little Miss has come down with a rather nasty cold. The title of this post would go some way in saying what the situation is. Yes after 3 hours she has done it;  Little Miss is in my bed so there will be no sleep for me tonight.We did make a bargain about Daddy coming home and then swapping back to her own bed but considering he doesn't arrive back until 1am I think I may have lost my sleep completely tonight. 
She is sitting beside me currently feeling very sorry for herself, not even able to grab her milk (she can she is just taking full advantage of Mummy Service) and sniffing whilst putting her finger up her nostril then immediately complaining about how sore her nose is. Tell me, when do toddlers fully grasp understanding? Anytime soon? Nope, thought as much.

Anyway, a part from us all feeling sorry for ourselves (Miss because of her cold and sore nose, Mr because he can't fully figure out just how to keep that darn banana in his grasp, Other Half because he has to go and slice bacon at work when he just well, doesn't much feel like it tonight and me because I'm left the first 2 and missing the last one) We generally had a good day.

I had an amazing lunch (okay it was jacket potato with beans) but it was from a tiny food shop in my local town and I have never had potato skin taste so damn good! It was just perfect. I didn't eat it as soon as I bought it because I added my own butter, some salt and salad leaves It cost me £2.25 which is pretty shocking as I know at home I can make one for less than that, but I felt good about supporting a small business and I couldn't bake one as nice as that. That's my defense anyway.

Another highlight of my day was spotting these super small apples on the ground when I walked Little Miss to nursery. I didn't have my camera as I have a tiny handbag so I just collected them up and then photographed them:

 Also today i started off my collection of Lego from The Sun Newspaper. I just fancied a paper this morning and happened to be wondering which one to buy when I picked up this one (only because I noticed today's give away happened to be Harry Potter) so I thought 'why not?'

Little Miss was impressed anyway (currently pointing at the laptop screen) I had fun popping it all together. I never played with Lego when I was a child and I don't really know why. I hope my 2 can get into it, and if The Sun Newspaper kicks start it then well, at least they have something.

Ooo Other Half just walked in the door (I love surprises!)

xCupcake Mummax

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