Pinaddicts in February! A Different Kind of Cake

Woo, another month of crafting down! I had great fun making with February's project but had a hard time keeping it a secret and an even harder time making it perfect. My project has been made as a gift for my sister in law (to be) and my new niece. Okay so more the adorable bundle but I thought of everyone whilst making my creation!
Below I give you the original Pin that I found whilst lurking on Pinterest (probably at the deep, dark unknown hours of the night.)
So pretty and pretty fabulous you're thinking right? It's not too hard to make, not really. Except I wasn't going to do this nappy cake the usual way (i think it's messy-just my opinion) so I decided to follow the pin and do my nappy cake the same way (the awkward but very neat and professional way-again, just my opinion!) If I was braver I would've made a nappy pram but I figured I got in too deep anyway!

Here is what you need:

Plus patience, and time, and skin of frickin steel! (which, by the way I do not have) 

And here is what I came up out with!
The girl done good!

At it's destination!
Very happy, very pleased and it went down a treat which was the best bit. My niece is already just over a week old and this nappy cake still hasn't been broken into. Although at the rate this little bundle poops there will be some emergency break ins pretty soon I should think!

If you fancy making a nappy cake I would recommend doing it this way. Most tutorials (if needed) take you through wrapping the nappies, i chose to pin the nappies flat instead. I had some lovely comments from lots of people about this cake, some even said I should make them properly! It cost about £25 to make this craft with nappies in the sale and pound shop items. I was impressed but I couldn't feel my finger tips for a fair few days (i'm a bit clumsy....and nappies are not easy to pin can I just say!) so I think i'll give the business a miss!

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Cupcake Mumma