Listography: Top 5 (sort of) Worst Dates!!

Now, this isn't going to be easy for me because I'm not sure if i can even get 5..being all shy and not really on the 'radar' for much of the time, being only 21 and then meeting 'The One' at 17, this may even have to go back to the even more embarrassing days when you are in year 6 at primary school and fancy anything you do as a date...Oh should be funny then!

Just wanted to add that Nickie over at Typecast is hosting this weeks Listography so go over there to read some hilarious post I am sure!

1.My First 'Love'- Yeah here it is. I was like 11, he was 11 and i thought he was the be and end all of lovely boys. I was very fond of this particular boy and instantly little memories pop back. I was gutted every time he dumped me, I hope he developed into a better man!! One thing that really sticks out is wondering off together at the end of the school day to say goodbye. Of course you don't want anyone to see you, that's 'gross' so we sat behind this tiny wall (where kids walked down the fire escape to leave anyway...?) and had a few kisses goodbye..Aww.Not a bad one, but a tad embarrassing!

2.The Young One- I was about 15 and this lad was about 14. I did quite fancy him yes but I wasn't quite so sure about all this 'asking out' malarkey. But i distinctly remember my first kiss with him..not good shall we say and leave it at that!

3.'The Prom Date'- Oh dear. I was so excited to actually be going to my prom (despite my saying otherwise) My date had asked a week prior to the event and I wanted to look lovely. I was told I did, looking back at photos, not so sure. Anyway, arrive at the hotel with a few friends where's my date? Waiting for me at the front? Perhaps inside waiting to take my coat? Nah, over the other side of the garden chatting to all his guy mates! He then had the cheek to come and sit with me right at the end of the night to ask if I wanted go out with him? Thank goodness for the 'We're better off as friends' line hey?

4.'The Mistake'-We all make them don't we. I made a large one. I met him out once and found myself to be quite taken with him. Eventually he gave me his number and I thought I was well lucky. He wasn't bad looking but I soon realised he was a user (although he never meant to come across that way..purlease) luckily all he got was a couple of kisses before I ran for the hills not being stupid enough of a fool for any more tosh!

5.'The One'-Well he had to be in here didn't he? We haven't had anything but lovely times together and nothing bad or embarrassing to report on dates I'm afraid (or pleased to say) but I do have to mention our first kiss. Oh how excited I was to be having a first proper kiss with someone I never felt this way before with...What does he kiss like? I dunno, but no offence love it wasn't nice, more like snogging a fish. I'm pleased to say he has worked on his technique and I have never known a better man in my life. Lucky sausage that I am :)

So there you go, head on over to Typecast now to view more. Happy Sunday!
Cupcake Mumma x


  1. Nice list! I forgot about the Prom Date! I don't think they are ever meant to be good.

  2. Thanks! I enjoyed it. Yes, prom dates are ususally epic fails!

  3. Most men need a bit of kiss training!

  4. @QWERTY Mum Haha! Im so glad he's trained now ;)

  5. Oh poor you at your prom :( And we all have a "Mistake" in there somewhere, don't we?

    Thanks for joining in with Listography this week.

  6. He seemed so nice!

    Yes I suppose we do. Unfortunetly, but how else do you learn.

    Thanks I hope to join in again.