Finally Found Some Peace

Today i finally found the one place where I can have something similar to the good old days of being in the country. I was actually wondering about my town with my camera in hand trying to find things to photo for The Scavenger Hunt meme I've just found in the world of bloggers, when I came to the local church graveyard. It was stupid that I hadn't realised this sooner as I have been attending the church for a couple of months.
It's a big graveyard so I can wonder right to the end where it's really quiet where you almost forget you're in the middle of a town. I wonder about and can even talk to myself for a little bit without anyone seeing! I used to talk to myself all the time walking up the country lanes figuring things out (but there was always a tourist lurking quietly behind me so I then felt totally humiliated!)

Thought I'd share a couple of snaps I got of this rather cute squirrel. I was disappointed that the first one is a bit blurred, I was testing out a new feature on my camera, turns out you need a super steady hand (which I do not have)
I've named him Marvin

Also today we had my nephew over which was lovely. It was nice for Little Miss to have a play mate over and even better that her play mate was family. Little Man loved seeing his cousin too and they all kept each other entertained. I spent a lot of time throwing myself against my sofa and being stunned by Harry Potter type spells (I was an evil witch) then I had to be an evil pirate and sit on a giant dog (it could fly) while they both stood in Little Mans cot getting away (it was a boat). I was very impressed by my nephews imagination and loved seeing how Little Miss just seemed to hang on his every word, following every instruction and order he gave from stunning me (cue me laying on the floor having random spasms which were evidently hilarious) to fighting giant spiders which fell on their faces.
I love children.

Now I am settling down to watch Shameless (shamelessly as I love this programme) but also getting up and down to attend Little Miss who is still full of cold and sensitive to every single thing today. Lets hope for a better night!

Cupcake Mummax

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