Homemade Lanterns

I've never made homemade lanterns before so thought I'd give it a try with the little ones! It was a rather spontaneous decision to make these, so I'm not going to say I'm absolutely right in the materials I've used, but we used what we could find and we had fun!

I recently acquired a craft box full of fantastic bits and bobs. We dug through it to find all the tissue paper i'd stuffed in a pouch and we selected our favourite colours, which we then set about tearing small pieces from until we had a little pile sat on our table. I popped some PVA glue in an old Haribo container so there was no squabbling over it. The previous night I had washed and removed the stickers from 2 old jam jars so we were ready to go! ( I actually wound some gold jewelry wire around the neck of the jars before the children set about decorating them)

drying before adding the candles

Midge and Little A (with my help- because I couldn't resist!) stuck the tissue paper randomly to their jars and then covered the paper with more PVA so the paper wouldn't rip and come off the jar. It all dried pretty quickly and they stuck some stickers on their jars so they could tell whose was whose. We waited until outside had gotten a bit darker and dull, then we drew the curtains and switched the lights in the playroom off. I was so pleased with the results!

Midges lantern

A quick photo before heading to the playroom!

They work! Naturally not a very clear photo in that light, but you get the idea!

 I had so much fun doing this craft with the little ones and I can't wait to make it again the future, they are both up for it. Why not give it a go yourselves? Perhaps a nice craft to see the New Year in? Speaking of crafts, i'm going to be joining in with Let Them Be Small over 2015 with The Crafting Prompt, a crafting challenge for you and the little ones. Here's the first 4 weeks of crafts. Do visit Sarah's blog to find out more!

Cupcake Mumma

Our Week That Was: Christmas 2014

Well there's another Christmas done and dusted! I really enjoyed our family Christmas this year and the countdown to it more than I think I have before actually. On the Monday we made homemade lanterns and had a super lazy day. It was just my little ones and me because Jay had to work until 9pm. I do hate Mondays but you can't always sulk can you! We also sat down and wrote our letters to Father Christmas. Midge took great care with her letter, Little A did a nice big scribble having not mastered any writing skills whatsoever just yet, even I had to write a letter to Father Christmas and I've not done that in years! I'm glad I did because it showed Midge how you should write a letter, not just dive in asking for this, that and the other!

Tuesday was what we in the Cupcake House refer to as 'Christmas Eve, Eve.' My Mum came over which the children loved. We did some shopping for food in the morning, just grabbing a few bits then again in the afternoon when Grandma arrived we added the bits we couldn't find locally. All stocked up we went home for a picky tea and then pulled on all our warm clothes for our traditional neighbourhood walk, where we look at all the pretty Christmas lights that our neighbours put up every year. Snowmen that light up, trains in windows, outdoor trees and roofs covered in lights- just amazing!

Homemade lanterns// writing to Father Christmas// Hanging out with a snowman// Lights in a neighbours window

Wednesday was Christmas Eve and it was actually a very calm affair! The previous night I had placed the teddy elves from our small tree underneath our larger tree and sat behind them were 2 gift bags. I love doing Christmas Eve gift bags because the children are occupied whilst I get on with things. They had a craft, some pajamas, a new Christmas DVD, a treat box and an activity book (all from poundland bar the pj's!) I sat with them and made the Christmas trees because Little A found them a little difficult but I really didn't mind. Hubby finished work at 1.00pm and family arrived at 2.00pm, by which time I had laid out a spread on the dinner table, including fondue set with strawberries and marshmallows!

Snowman part 2// Little A's Christmas tree// Midges tree//Mummy's sweets!

Christmas Eve spread// Fondue with treats// Resisting temptation (not)// My Mummy!// Strawberry covered in chocolate

Christmas Day was an unusual one and not the one I expected. The morning was fantastic with all of us opening our stockings in my bedroom followed by the children finding Father Christmas's footprints in our front room (actually from the front door to his mince pies to be exact!) We opened our presents and had a yummy breakfast before different members of the family arrived here and there. My parents and sister arrived which was lovely but as the day went on it wasn't very festive. Dinner was incredibly late and Little A gave me a few anxious hours with his croup, which just came out of no where. We did have a delicious dinner and went to bed very full and exhausted! 

Gift bags under the tree// Santas footprints// Very full tree// Presents having a break// Pudding// Playing Nicely

Queen Elsa visits on Christmas Day// Cheeky couple photo for Instagram// Power Ranger A!// Up later with the family after waking poorly// Hot chocolates have been popular// Catching up with my favourite wizard

We've spent the time since then playing with new toys, dressing up and going nuts on scooters (the little ones) eating a lot of chocolate of the American variety (Hubby) and reading, drinking hot chocolate and catching up with my penpals ready for the New Year (me). Phew, what a week! I hope it was a good one for you too lovely readers. Next week, I'm celebrating New Years with my parents and babies. It'll be odd not being with Hubby...I don't have any other plans because I'll be mentally preparing for those blasted school runs!!

Cupcake Mumma

My Sunday Photo:

We have had a lovely few days and this Little Miss has enjoyed it more than most with her large amount of Frozen gifts from various family. We bought her this Elsa dress for a bargain (no other way!) and she's not taken it off for days!


2014: Nearly Time to Say Goodbye

We've raced through 2014 and I have to say I can't really fault 2014 for us as a family (which I'm very thankful for.) Mostly we have been well, school has been good and we have managed to come a long way with Little A. We've continued to live in a house we love and are thankful to our landlords who are much better than previous ones we've ever had! My sister has continued to do well at university and I am so proud of her and my brother has left Cornwall to start his own chapter. Whilst we miss him this Christmas, we know he's perfectly happy where he is and that in turn makes us happy.

Like many bloggers around this time I wanted to reflect a little and write about 2014. After all, this blog hosts many of our memories. Photos will have to wait though (not long though! New laptop tomorrow from Mum and Pop!!)

Anyway, onto 2014 and what happened for us. As every year we started January with Midges birthday, this year her sixth. It was of course a lovely day, inspired by Hello Kitty which she was obsessed with at the time. I've already been told to expect a Frozen theme next year! She had friends over and dressed up, ate food and had a hissy fit because she lost pin the tail on the donkey. I still like to remind her of this! A week later it is her Dads birthday. I know we spent it partly as a family and partly him at football! We did have a night away in Plymouth at a favourite hotel of ours a few weeks later and that was lovely. Even had a sit down meal! I also had the very wonderful chance of going to the very first Story of Mum Mums Retreat at the beginning of January for a whole 24 hours. My friend Kat came and it was so great!

A month later Little A turned 3. I baked him a Toy Story cake because he really loved it at the time. He had some lovely presents and my Aunt came over to see him. Sadly he was poorly leading up to and including his birthday so it wasn't quite the occasion we had hoped! I learned that my best friend was expecting her fourth child and while it was unexpected I was excited for her!

In March I travelled to Kats in Bath and stayed with her and her family. I went up for the purpose of sleeping rough for the night in a park to raise money for the homeless charity Julian's Hospice. That was a cold night but a humbling experience indeed. I remember being extremely cold as 3am hit and being incredibly thankful that I was heading to a warm house to get some sleep, food and warmth.

I enjoyed having the little ones home during the Easter break and we had secured Little A a place at the nursery attached to Midges school. I attended a craft work shop with Midge where we made an Easter tree. Since then the same tree has been a halloween tree and now a winter tree! I wonder what everyone else did! The summer holidays were very long indeed; that much I remember! Kat visited with her family and we went to Paradise Park which was great fun. At the end of the summer my husband finally had some time off so the last week we did some fun things like going out to eat, taking the children shopping and other stuff I can't remember!

I've just remembered that I took Midge to Portsmouth by train and we had a lovely time with our cousins. We traveled to Cambridge with them and celebrated my cousins wedding. It was a small family and close friend gathering with a wonderful do at my Aunts house. I always go there and feel I have the most amazing family in the world!

Midge started year 2 in September and has been doing very well. She's settled in fine and coming on in her work nicely. I love how her imagination is being stretched more and more and she has started to love reading more and seeing me write letters to my own friends has inspired her to get her own pen pal too. I sent out a travelling notebook this month and it's still travelling around somewhere! Little A started nursery and we had a great start with getting him speech therapy and he is now under the S.E.N department to help him catch up. He's made some friends and loves his teachers and to be honest, I love them too I think!!

Ah October was fab! Little Tilly was born (Kats little girl!) and she was so precious! I visited a couple of weeks before my birthday to see her and her boys plus the new addition! My birthday was a wonderful day where I was spoilt rotten. I had a sit down meal with my babies and hubby and ate a yummy birthday cake too. Just before that I took Midge with my Mum and I to London to see my cousins and visit the Harry Potter studio tour. We totally lost ourselves there (me more than most) I had an absolutely amazing time!

And then we close with the winter months where we had a great bonfire night (usually my most disliked event of the year) but not this year. This year we made s'mores, had sparklers and watched fireworks go off in the distance. We saw Titan the robot at the local town light switch on, enjoyed both the children's school Christmas performances and crafting lanterns, making our own chocolates and writing Father Christmas his letters. I've enjoyed a fabulous Advent swap from Instagram and look forward to January where I can start swapping again! Our Christmas Eve has been wonderful and I hope Christmas Day to be just as good.

As for 2015 and what it holds I really don't know? I hope to see Kat and her family soon and to stay up there again and this time experience Bath Spa for myself! I visited Bath Spa this year and it was amazing walking around, I do love the history but I wouldn't mind going to the actual spa for myself! My sister will turn 21, Midge will be 7, Little A four and starting reception! I'd like a hotel break for our 2nd wedding anniversary and I have friends getting married in June plus a Cambridge holiday in July to look forward to! Oh wow, there's more than I thought!

Wherever you are and whatever you're doing, I hope you have a very Merry Christmas and I wish you all so much happiness for 2015. Thanks for reading as always.

Cupcake Mumma

Fixing The Future with Sugru!

I've heard a lot about Sugru. I've seen it on you tube, I've seen it on blogs and several people have mentioned it to me for crafting. Those of you who don't know about Sugru, here's a little information:

Sugru is a mouldable clay which comes in a variety of colours (and right now Sugru has gone festive for Christmas!) you can use it in crafting, diy, fixing those broken toys, even for hanging up items and hiding those unsightly wires on USB cables you haven't quite got around to replacing yet! Here's a bit more about Sugru and what you can do with it on their website

As for me, well, naturally I don't think in terms of DIY or mending broken items, I think crafty! So I spent an evening making two rather sweet little models. A mushroom which I can easily turn into a badge/broach/keyring and a funny little worm which will become a keyring!

I'm not very gifted in the modelling department unfortunately so any further makes were firmly cast aside and the clay was reused for other things...

Like sticking my sons train track bridge together. It always comes apart and it upsets him a lot. Not anymore! It's not as neat as i'd like it to be but it's a very awkward object to stick together. I also got the chance to finally mend my beloved skiing Cheer Bear Carebear. She was dropped a while ago and I've only just found the missing ski! I was gutted when she broke but now Sugru has fixed her right up.

I still have more left and I'm sure it'll all come in very handy. My husband usually tapes everything up but now he has no excuse for that horrible habit! Sugru dries in a fairly quick time if left alone and it does dry rock solid. It's worth remembering that just like real clay and playdoh, if you don't look after Sugru it will become rock solid if left lying around and will get covered in bits if you drop it etc so do remember to pack it away again when you're finished!

Sugru is a long lasting mouldable clay and is also very strong. I have seen photos of this product holding up pans after being moulded into hooks and stuck on to tiles! It is also waterproof which is very handy if you need a temporary fix in the shower or around a tap before you can get to the hardware store. So basically, whether you're into make do and mend, DIY or crafts, Sugru really is a product anyone can make a use of!

I was sent a pack of Sugru in the colours yellow, blue, red and white for this review. A limited festive edition has now been released exclusively online which could be perfect for those stocking fillers! The best thing is that Sugru is under £10 and can be purchased from B&Q, Maplin, Wilkinson and more stores! So, let's fix the future and banish the electrical tape habits of a life time! (Seriously it's not just my husband is it?)

Cupcake Mumma

Paperhaul Reveal: Box 1

Crafty Creatives have kept us waiting and wanting and now finally we have the long awaited Paperhaul box in our stationery loving hands. Paperhaul is a monthly box filled with a selection of postcards, tags, tapes, cards and stickers with each month bringing a different theme to the box you receive. In my first box I've counted 12 items packaged in a flat parcel box perfect for those of us destined to almost always miss our postie. Least if you do, now you won't miss your stationery fix, because the Paperhaul box slides perfectly through the letterbox.

This months theme is travel and what says travel more than these lovely postcards. Several vintage inspired and one a more modern take on travel but all 3 printed on quality card ready to be placed in that big red box!

Three gift tags which i think are so cute and will add that special, unique touch to gifts

Two quality printed cards which come blank. I love blank cards because you never know when someone could use a bit of cheering up. I love the bicycle card and I know there are several people who would appreciate these through their mail box.

Vehicle inspired washi tape. I love washi tape but I am just too tight to spend £3 on various tapes so I often buy cheaper versions. The inclusion of washi tape was a real point for me when I described the contents and price to people curious about the box.

2 double sided craft papers. If you're like me you'll always have a preferred side with double sided papers and this is no exception. I like both sides but my favourite is the stamps and buildings. What's yours?

Finally, what's a stationery box without stickers?! And in this months box, Paperhaul have popped in some landmark stickers which I'm thinking of sticking onto my envelopes for my American pen pal who will love them.

I really can't wait to see what other themes Paperhaul come up with. I think travel was the perfect one to kick off their very first box. If you're interested in seeing what Paperhaul's future boxes have in store every month, they are priced at £10 plus p&p which I think is very reasonable. Each box sold also has 10p donated to the charity Post Pals which is a favourite charity of mine and is another reason to love Paperhaul for me. I've been very lucky to be chosen to blog the reveals each month and whilst my boxes will not be free I do receive them at a slightly reduced price. If you've received the first box, what do you think? I'd love to know!

Our Week That Was: Captured 8/12/14

Grab button for The Week That Was

This week has been one of those weeks where pretty much every day I've woken up and wanted to go back to bed within a couple hours...

Monday was a long day. There aren't even any photos from Monday which will give you some idea how rubbish it was! I was just tired all day and we were all on a go slow. Hubby hates having to work all day on a Monday and I hate not seeing him until the evening.

Tuesday was a better day. Before nursery Little A and I made some chocolates from a set my friend bought me a few months ago when I visited her. I loved them but everyone else thought they weren't so nice. Dark chocolate is a required taste! I met hubby at school and we watched Little A's very first Christmas performance. He entered waving and smiling then broke down in tears as the singing started, it was utterly heart breaking sitting there not holding him. Luckily he adores his key worker and by the end they managed to get him on the stage, sat on the edge jiggling the bells to Santa Got Stuck up the Chimney. We ended today with a charity shop trip where I found two Harry Potter books for £1.50. I was very pleased!

Wednesday was a horrid day for me. I spent all day thinking i'd upset someone very dear to me so I really did feel quite sad. I raided my whole advent calender, switched on a Harry Potter film and started my Harry Potter books all over again. Hubby cheered me up and we had a very late night listening to me natter away! A very late text cheered me up and I finally got some sleep knowing all was okay.

Oh my Thursday must have been dull because I really cannot remember what happened at all! I know I was very tired from a rubbish nights sleep with Little A, and I know there was lots of hot chocolate consumed at home. There was also writing of Christmas cards for Little A's school friends. Midge has done hers all by herself this year..*sob*

Friday morning was a late start for Midge at school (I promise there were good reasons!) Little A and I returned home to get something to eat and relax before nursery. I was meeting a friend at 2pm so I visited the library finding a new cookery book I loved but I couldn't take it out because of my fines-whoops! I was really gutted but it's my fault. I popped to Boots for medicine for the children and had a mooch round a charity shop purchasing some cool panda slippers for Midge. I then met with my friend for a very large praline hot chocolate and a natter before joining hubby at the school. We ended the day with a very naughty but nice dinner of hash browns, eggs and vegetable rice.

Saturday was a mix of fun with a spontaneous tuff spot session which the children loved. I filled the spot with flour, walnuts and hoop cereal and they played for ages pretending it was snow with Little A's trains, cars and diggers. Hubby was rather late home but returned with guilt bought cake and marshmallows just for me so he was forgiven quickly, and thanks to the nice weather the children even got on their trampoline for half hour or so. We ended our evening with bedtime stories, the fifth installment of Harry Potter and the above mentioned cake.

 This weeks vehicle is a police van!// As Santa in his concert// Making chocolates// the finished result!// Starting Harry Potter again// Doing his nursery Christmas cards

Lovely Christmas card// Costa and hot chocolate with a friend// Midge's new slippers// Lots of messy fun!

This weeks Advent gift photos:

Nail polish// Button badge// Delicious fruit tea// Facial wipes// Mini notebook and pen with sticky notes// A Lovely little stationery set

Next week is Midge's Christmas play at the local church, last day of school before the Christmas holidays plus I'm also planning a surprise meet Santa trip to a local charity shop and hubby and I are taking the children out to lunch on the last day of school seeming as they finish early. I'd love to hear about your week so please share some comment love and I'll be certain to pop back and return it.

Cupcake Mumma

Year 2 Parents Evening- Midge

Three days ago we had parents evening for Midge. We were expecting the usual type of meeting much like year 1 where she was struggling with her maths but we were reassured that she was in a suitable group with children at the or around the same level as herself. A day later Midge returned home with number lines and charts in her bag to help her. She was praised for finally moving up twice in her reading and to keep going. I was so pleased because she struggled to get a hang of reading. Her writing was pretty much like most of her peers and something that would improve.

Well isn't year 2 just full of all the pressure? My daughter is 2 levels behind in maths, writing and reading. Her 91% attendance isn't really what the school are looking for. "Is she a sick child?" My husband was asked. Well not really, surly 91% says that? Apparently I should drag her in on our 25 minute walk with earache or tonsillitis or whatever else (only vomiting seems to be a line drawn) just so they can register her and then call me to come back again with my toddler to collect her. Sorry school, just no. She will improve on her attendance and I will think very carefully before choosing whether or not to send her in. Otherwise it's not happening.

Her reading is below. No advice really given. Well what can you do other than keep going at it? Luckily Midge has a love of books. We read during the week and she enjoys picking up a book from her room or buying a new one. The library is a love of hers so I'm positive one day she will get where she needs to be. I can't do any more than make sure she practices. Their only comment was that she needs to learn the difference between fiction and non fiction. Fair enough...

Maths was no surprise to us at all. I struggle and so does Hubby, if Midge inherited some super maths gene i'd be delighted for her but sadly that's not the case! I'm not entirely sure if she's in a group with the same or near abilities as her and I feel she could benefit from some 1-1 help with her maths but she doesn't appear to be looked at as a child who struggles that badly. Midge goes off into her own world with maths, she can rarely remember how her teachers show her how to do something so I'll have to see if I can get some ideas from the teachers so at home she's not being confused. There was no advice given on her maths a part from to know her 2,5&10 times table which is rubbish because she knows them by heart.

Finally her writing. She needs to learn her capital letters and full stops which I completely agree with. When we have got them down I want to really concentrate on keeping her writing neat and tidy something they didn't mention but something which irritates me! They want her to use commas which I think is just a bit much at age six but hey, I think while it is important I have priorities and when she learns full stops and capital letters, then we will focus commas.

I cannot help but feel my six year old is under too much pressure. Thankfully she loves school and doesn't seem to be feeling that pressure. Probably because she coasts along unaware of her government set expectations. That is how it will stay for as long as I can make it. As long as she is doing her best and I am helping her along I am proud of her. I know as she gets older I will hear of her interests and loves and probably hear how creative she is. Right now it feels schools don't care if your child tries hard, listens, is helpful and kind and welcoming to their peers. If they're not academic machines then we'll push them to be that, maybe not now but oh they will. And if they can't make them into that? Then they will be marked failures by our government. Its no surprise to me that home education is becoming more popular. Maybe one day I may feel this is a better option too.

Cupcake Mumma


December is: Getting out those gloves and mittens, the knitted scarves and thick coats. Bundling up warm and doubling up on socks. Not to mention wearing leggings under those jeans for the super cold days.

December is: Making cups of hot chocolate with chocolate sprinkles and plenty of marshmallows. If you're lucky; there's whipped cream on top too.

December is: The month of planning and list making. Searching through catalogues and picking out thoughtful gifts. Writing your plans for delicious dinners and planning the extras to treat yourself to over the festive season.

December is: Giving that little extra. With the festive feeling and good cheer it's hard to not look around and notice how you can help make others feel happier too. Loose change to the musician, some
boxes of food in the food bank and perhaps some pennies left at the coffee shop to pay it forward.

December is: Being covered in the fallen bits of tinsel and the glitter from your baubles as you decorate. Standing on fallen pine needles and feeling that happiness when your decs are up and looking wonderful.

December is: Taking a stroll around the neighbourhoods and marvelling at the outside lights and pretty Christmas trees in the windows.

December is: Secretly hoping for a White Christmas.

December is: Christmas fairs, nativity plays and Christmas carol concerts. Festive church crafts and Christmas bazaars and being offered raffle tickets at every shop you visit.

December is: Remembering to be thankful. For all you have.

December is: Soups and stews, big hearty breakfasts. Tea and cakes, mince pies with cream, Yule logs and roast dinners.

December is: Family.

December is: Not forgetting what it's really about.

Have a wonderful end to 2014 all my amazing and loyal readers. I wish you nothing but the happiest Christmas and New Year. Now tell me, what is December to you? I'd love you to link up your posts below!

Cupcake Mumma

Our Week That Was: Captured 1/12/2014

Hello! Another week another week that was with the lovely Hannah. Enjoy!

Monday was probably one of my best days this week and it was so refreshing to enjoy a Monday! Little A and I dropped Midge off at school then watched our usual 9:06 train at the station before heading into town. I decided not to bother with going home and stayed in town with Little A instead. We enjoyed a Costa together, then trotted off to the library before A announced he needed the loo and unfortunately the toilets there were still out of order meaning we had to go to the train station where we ended up staying for half an hour chatting and going through leaflets (nowhere else to go so close to nursery!) We watched the usual 12:02 train come in then went to nursery. I came home to do a few bits and bobs before returning for the afternoon pick up where both children had had a good day. By tea time things were getting their usual hectic so what a wonderful surprise it was to see hubby come through the door! He decided to come home early from work as his shoulder has been giving him grief (he works on factory lines) it was a lovely surprise! We ended the day with some paper chain making which was fun.

On Tuesday we did our usual morning routines, a little more wrapped up than usual because the temperature seemed to have really dropped! Hubby and I picked the children up early from school to head to the dentists- eek! Midge was brilliant as usual and this time her teeth were very good. Little A made us very proud by letting the dentist look at his teeth this time so they both got stickers. Hubby and I were not so lucky! I have a tiny cavity and need a big filing elsewhere as does Hubby- oh dear! New year gifts to us! We rounded the day off with a chip shop tea as a treat. I also got to see my sister before she went back to uni with my parents the next day.

Wednesday wasn't anything special but it was a relaxing day and those are good. Little A and I had a nice walk to nursery in the afternoon, he played about with leaves and we ate chocolate (naughty mum!) on the way home I had a rather rubbish anxiety moment in a store when they wouldn't take my vouchers which wasn't nice but I went home after sorting it out and tried pesto with pasta for the first time ever whilst watching the 2nd Harry Potter.

On Thursday I planned to head to Penzance after the nursery drop off but soon changed my mind when I picked up what I thought was my parcel from the sorting office..it wasn't, it was my husband's new shoes *sigh* I wasn't going to go around with them so went into the local shops instead. I got a call from Hubby asking if I wanted to meet him so we had a lovely lunch in Weatherspoons. It was so, so good and we both left to pick the children up together after having a drink and a chat. On the way home we popped to Tesco for some extra bits and Midge let me take a photo of herself in the Elf face which was rather funny.

Friday I received a prize in the post. It was a fantastic Paddington Bear haul from Love Reading. I was over the moon and so was Little A who opened it with me. Hubby had the day off and he went early to take Midge to school and do the food shopping. He also picked up Little A's carol concert outfit which I can't wait to see him in on Tuesday. On our way to nursery we spotted a very old-fashioned but lovely tractor which Little A had to have a photo taken next to. I also treated my nails to a bit of TLC with a lovely purple colour. Quite wintry I thought!

On Saturday I had a lovely lay in then took the children to town to collect a few bits. We then went on to the church to see a few of their Christmas trees and see what they had to offer in the market. I felt really uncomfortable there and couldn't wait to leave. Little A bought a toy and Midge bought a book before leaving. I liked the fair trade stall and bought two lovely angels that had been made in Bangladesh. After we left, both children wanted to walk around the graveyard and we saw some squirrels which was nice. We headed to Costa for hot chocolates and cake and I had my first ever Turkey wrap. I've not eaten Turkey in over 13 years and it was pretty nice in the wrap but I won't be craving it at Christmas dinner! We looked in some charity stores then headed off to watch hubbies football game (which he won!) Dinner was a lovely pesto pasta salad which I enjoyed very much. Hubby went out for the night so I snuggled down and watched my 3rd Harry Potter film.

 Christmas tree up and decorated// Early morning frost// Hot chocolate in Costa with little A// Making paper chains with Midge// Our new homemade Advent Calender

 Little A showing off his sticker from the dentists// A's photo of the bridge// Being a train driver// Wednesdays walk to school// Eating his chocolate// First ever pesto pasta// Thursdays mini stock up shop for Christmas// My yummy meal with hubby// Midge's 'Elfie Selfie'

 New nail polish// Paddington story book// New bag for Little A!// A and the vintage looking tractor// At the Church to see the Christmas trees and market// Costa stop// Midge enjoying her hot chocolate and cake// My first ever turkey wrap// Babysitting the bunny// Daddy at football (half time)

Advent Week 1!
As an extra over the festive period, I'm going to show you my weekly Advent gifts from my swap partner. If you're on Instagram you'll see these so do pop on over and follow me and my lovely partner Yazmin. 

Sunday saw us be super lazy and have a yummy roast dinner. We did the usual getting organised for school and watching our 4th Harry Potter! Love it. Next week will see Little A's nursery concert, parents evening, a church craft day and well, goodness knows what else! Have a lovely week!

Cupcake Mumma

Magical Orlando Tag!

Here is something fun from the lovely people at Floridatix.com I thought I'd join in with. Keep in mind I'm a Harry Potter nut when going through these and not a Disney one!

1. Which Hogwarts house would you be sorted into?

Believe it or not I take this very seriously. I love anything Harry Potter and whilst walking around the London Studio Tour I gave my wizarding position some serious thought. Long story short, I would absolutely, without hesitation, be sorted into Hufflepuff. I bought a fair few postcards from the shop to prove my loyalty to said house!

2. Name a Disney character you’d like to have dinner with.

Wouldn't it be great fun, although incredibly weird, to sit down and have dinner and lots of chat with that wonderful snowman Olaf from Frozen. I think he's a super fun Disney character and well, dinner with a snowman, can't get weirder than that!

3. Which Marvel superhero power would you choose?

Tough one. Superman has a large array of super powers you could choose from. Super strength, or how about flying!? (No good to me I'm scared of being in a plane let alone flying my actual self anywhere!) I think I would love his speed though. I'd never have to deal with another screaming child who has bashed themselves up because they can't just put one foot in front of the other and Id never be stuck behind that ruddy train which makes me 1 minute late for the school run at least once a week! I could be done and dusted in 5 minutes each day!

4. If you could bring back one dinosaur breed from Jurassic Park, which would it be?

Oh easy, a Diplodocus dinosaur. Mostly harmless (unless you don't pay attention and get trodden on) plus they don't eat meat so I think we'd get on well.

5. You can ride a dragon at the Triwizard Tournament and visit the Owlery at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but where else would you go on a school trip to Hogsmeade?

I'd take a trip into Hogsmeade to visit Madam Puddifoot's Tea Rooms! The Other Half would have to come too because that's where all the dating wizards go!

6. A scene in any Disney, Harry Potter or Marvel movie you wish you could experience?

Oh Id love to go to the Yule Ball at Hogwarts. The beautiful dresses, the snow, Christmas trees, the great hall looking all magical and wintery. And the mix of people would be great not to mention all the food and drinks that are placed out and lovely dances you can watch/join in!

7. Name one item from any Harry Potter, Disney or Marvel movie that you would want for Christmas.

I think the item i'd most like to unwrap from under the tree this Christmas would be an Invisibility Cloak. That would be pretty cool to own wouldn't it?

8. Name one unforgettable experience/moment you’ve had at the Orlando Parks. (if you haven’t been just tell us which park you’d like to go to!)

I've never been to America let alone an Orlando Park so I will have to tell you which park i'd love to visit. Visiting Universal's Island of Adventure would be amazing. All the sections appeal to me from the Jarassic Park area which we'd all love, to the amazing Harry Potter wizarding world which is of course a total no brainer if you know me! Can you imagine how much fun all that would that be!

As part of this fun tag, I have to tag a blogger or two to complete the #floridatixtag https://www.floridatix.com/blog/competition-orlando-magic-tag/"> and Id like to hear from Kate On Thin Ace and Four Kids And A Kat. This post is a bit of fun from Floridatix.com who have launched their new site.

Cupcake Mumma

Our Week That Was: Captured 24/2015

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After spending all weekend with two very tired children who had been coughing all the time, I decided Monday was to be a day off school and nursery. I made it clear it was to be a relaxing day therefore it meant we didn't get up to much other than watching TV, me doing chores and wrapping and posting my swap partners Advent swap gift.

On Tuesday Little A was back to nursery and he had a great day. Midge woke with belly ache (which turned out to not be as bad as she had made out) I had to go to town to do some boring jobs but we found a snowman to hang out with for a little while so obviously I took a photo of that! When we got home I knew hubby was picking up Little A so Midge and I got some food and watched the first Harry Potter film snuggled under our duvets.

On Wednesday I finally had a child free house during the day! I did a huge de-clutter in the house in preparation for Christmas decorations and the big day itself. I have 3 large bags to donate to charity and will need to do some dump runs one day soon! I also created some leafs with Little A before nursery today. If you follow Story of Mum then you'll know that this month has been all about leaving inspirational leaf notes around your local area. I had great fun making mine.

On Thursday I had to be super organised. I tidied the house in preparation for my Dads visit (it was his birthday) I baked a cake and cooked a roast. They arrived before the children went to bed which was nice, then we had an adult dinner before my little sister made a surprise entrance which my parents just loved. She came back from university for a week and I know they were both over the moon with her arrival as was I! We had such a wonderful night.

Friday was rather dismal. I woke feeling unwell and had to drag my backside to the school. Thankfully I perked up for the nursery run but I came home and did nothing all day! So no photos for Friday I'm afraid!

Now Saturday was set to be another boring day. The children bickered a fair bit and I was still down in the dumps (but at least not feeling poorly) we watched Toy Story 2 and I did a nice risotto for tea. When Hubby returned from football I had spontaneously decided to get the decs out so we spent the evening sorting through them. He popped out and bought a new tree which he put up minus the decs and we spent the rest of the night drinking hot chocolate and watching my Desperate Housewives dvds!

A nice big parcel ready to post for Advent// Midge made herself feel better with some Christmas crafting//On Tuesday we found a snowman in town// The family Advent calender I made 

A warm cup of hot choclate for the school run and a Midge to push the buggy!// The sun was beautiful in the morning but we could hardly see to walk// The two leafs I made with Little A before nursery and which I left in town//Little A at the train station//Watching 'his' train come in

Dads birthday cake// Some happy mail from America// A rather yummy hot chocolate//A decorationless Christmas tree// My new read for the festive period and a yummy free from muffin!

I hope you all had a wonderful week too! We ended ours with a wonderful family day consisting of going out for breakfast, buying lots of new decorations and doing our tree. This week there is dentist appointments, a school fayre and plenty more planning for the Big Day to look forward to! (And hopefully i'll get to blog this week on time!)

Cupcake Mumma