Year 2 Parents Evening- Midge

Three days ago we had parents evening for Midge. We were expecting the usual type of meeting much like year 1 where she was struggling with her maths but we were reassured that she was in a suitable group with children at the or around the same level as herself. A day later Midge returned home with number lines and charts in her bag to help her. She was praised for finally moving up twice in her reading and to keep going. I was so pleased because she struggled to get a hang of reading. Her writing was pretty much like most of her peers and something that would improve.

Well isn't year 2 just full of all the pressure? My daughter is 2 levels behind in maths, writing and reading. Her 91% attendance isn't really what the school are looking for. "Is she a sick child?" My husband was asked. Well not really, surly 91% says that? Apparently I should drag her in on our 25 minute walk with earache or tonsillitis or whatever else (only vomiting seems to be a line drawn) just so they can register her and then call me to come back again with my toddler to collect her. Sorry school, just no. She will improve on her attendance and I will think very carefully before choosing whether or not to send her in. Otherwise it's not happening.

Her reading is below. No advice really given. Well what can you do other than keep going at it? Luckily Midge has a love of books. We read during the week and she enjoys picking up a book from her room or buying a new one. The library is a love of hers so I'm positive one day she will get where she needs to be. I can't do any more than make sure she practices. Their only comment was that she needs to learn the difference between fiction and non fiction. Fair enough...

Maths was no surprise to us at all. I struggle and so does Hubby, if Midge inherited some super maths gene i'd be delighted for her but sadly that's not the case! I'm not entirely sure if she's in a group with the same or near abilities as her and I feel she could benefit from some 1-1 help with her maths but she doesn't appear to be looked at as a child who struggles that badly. Midge goes off into her own world with maths, she can rarely remember how her teachers show her how to do something so I'll have to see if I can get some ideas from the teachers so at home she's not being confused. There was no advice given on her maths a part from to know her 2,5&10 times table which is rubbish because she knows them by heart.

Finally her writing. She needs to learn her capital letters and full stops which I completely agree with. When we have got them down I want to really concentrate on keeping her writing neat and tidy something they didn't mention but something which irritates me! They want her to use commas which I think is just a bit much at age six but hey, I think while it is important I have priorities and when she learns full stops and capital letters, then we will focus commas.

I cannot help but feel my six year old is under too much pressure. Thankfully she loves school and doesn't seem to be feeling that pressure. Probably because she coasts along unaware of her government set expectations. That is how it will stay for as long as I can make it. As long as she is doing her best and I am helping her along I am proud of her. I know as she gets older I will hear of her interests and loves and probably hear how creative she is. Right now it feels schools don't care if your child tries hard, listens, is helpful and kind and welcoming to their peers. If they're not academic machines then we'll push them to be that, maybe not now but oh they will. And if they can't make them into that? Then they will be marked failures by our government. Its no surprise to me that home education is becoming more popular. Maybe one day I may feel this is a better option too.

Cupcake Mumma


  1. Oh I so agree that there is FAR too much pressure on our young. I wouldn't worry too much at that age, I never did, and mine are turning out fine (so far) xx

  2. I also agree Hannah. there is SO much pressure these days on both children and parents and as for attendance... its a real hot point at our school too but poorly children at school are not good either.Whats a mum to do?Sometimes you just cant win...xx

  3. There is so much pressure throughout school at such a young age, do they still do SAT's in year2 or have they finally stopped that (I can't remember)! As for 91% attendance surely that isn't even bad. We have about 20-25mins to walk so if Alex is really under the weather there is no way I would send him in either! xx