Our Week That Was: Captured 24/2015

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After spending all weekend with two very tired children who had been coughing all the time, I decided Monday was to be a day off school and nursery. I made it clear it was to be a relaxing day therefore it meant we didn't get up to much other than watching TV, me doing chores and wrapping and posting my swap partners Advent swap gift.

On Tuesday Little A was back to nursery and he had a great day. Midge woke with belly ache (which turned out to not be as bad as she had made out) I had to go to town to do some boring jobs but we found a snowman to hang out with for a little while so obviously I took a photo of that! When we got home I knew hubby was picking up Little A so Midge and I got some food and watched the first Harry Potter film snuggled under our duvets.

On Wednesday I finally had a child free house during the day! I did a huge de-clutter in the house in preparation for Christmas decorations and the big day itself. I have 3 large bags to donate to charity and will need to do some dump runs one day soon! I also created some leafs with Little A before nursery today. If you follow Story of Mum then you'll know that this month has been all about leaving inspirational leaf notes around your local area. I had great fun making mine.

On Thursday I had to be super organised. I tidied the house in preparation for my Dads visit (it was his birthday) I baked a cake and cooked a roast. They arrived before the children went to bed which was nice, then we had an adult dinner before my little sister made a surprise entrance which my parents just loved. She came back from university for a week and I know they were both over the moon with her arrival as was I! We had such a wonderful night.

Friday was rather dismal. I woke feeling unwell and had to drag my backside to the school. Thankfully I perked up for the nursery run but I came home and did nothing all day! So no photos for Friday I'm afraid!

Now Saturday was set to be another boring day. The children bickered a fair bit and I was still down in the dumps (but at least not feeling poorly) we watched Toy Story 2 and I did a nice risotto for tea. When Hubby returned from football I had spontaneously decided to get the decs out so we spent the evening sorting through them. He popped out and bought a new tree which he put up minus the decs and we spent the rest of the night drinking hot chocolate and watching my Desperate Housewives dvds!

A nice big parcel ready to post for Advent// Midge made herself feel better with some Christmas crafting//On Tuesday we found a snowman in town// The family Advent calender I made 

A warm cup of hot choclate for the school run and a Midge to push the buggy!// The sun was beautiful in the morning but we could hardly see to walk// The two leafs I made with Little A before nursery and which I left in town//Little A at the train station//Watching 'his' train come in

Dads birthday cake// Some happy mail from America// A rather yummy hot chocolate//A decorationless Christmas tree// My new read for the festive period and a yummy free from muffin!

I hope you all had a wonderful week too! We ended ours with a wonderful family day consisting of going out for breakfast, buying lots of new decorations and doing our tree. This week there is dentist appointments, a school fayre and plenty more planning for the Big Day to look forward to! (And hopefully i'll get to blog this week on time!)

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  1. Such hard working being a mum, some days you just need chill out days, veg in front of the telly, not too many chores n unwind. sad we can't have more days like that.

    Enjoying this linky hun.
    really must get my blogging going again.

    Sa xXx

    1. Thanks Sarah, it feels good to get back into it hopong to really get back into thins with a new laptop at xmas! You're so right I do feel lucky to grab these restful moments xx

  2. It's so nice getting an insight into someone's life like this. Love these diary sort of posts. Sorry about the sickness but sounds like you all had good cuddles. Love the photos. We have to do decorations TODAY eeeek xxx

  3. Those leaves are beautiful Hannah - what a lovely idea :) The cake looks delicious! I hope you're feeling better now?

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx