December is: Getting out those gloves and mittens, the knitted scarves and thick coats. Bundling up warm and doubling up on socks. Not to mention wearing leggings under those jeans for the super cold days.

December is: Making cups of hot chocolate with chocolate sprinkles and plenty of marshmallows. If you're lucky; there's whipped cream on top too.

December is: The month of planning and list making. Searching through catalogues and picking out thoughtful gifts. Writing your plans for delicious dinners and planning the extras to treat yourself to over the festive season.

December is: Giving that little extra. With the festive feeling and good cheer it's hard to not look around and notice how you can help make others feel happier too. Loose change to the musician, some
boxes of food in the food bank and perhaps some pennies left at the coffee shop to pay it forward.

December is: Being covered in the fallen bits of tinsel and the glitter from your baubles as you decorate. Standing on fallen pine needles and feeling that happiness when your decs are up and looking wonderful.

December is: Taking a stroll around the neighbourhoods and marvelling at the outside lights and pretty Christmas trees in the windows.

December is: Secretly hoping for a White Christmas.

December is: Christmas fairs, nativity plays and Christmas carol concerts. Festive church crafts and Christmas bazaars and being offered raffle tickets at every shop you visit.

December is: Remembering to be thankful. For all you have.

December is: Soups and stews, big hearty breakfasts. Tea and cakes, mince pies with cream, Yule logs and roast dinners.

December is: Family.

December is: Not forgetting what it's really about.

Have a wonderful end to 2014 all my amazing and loyal readers. I wish you nothing but the happiest Christmas and New Year. Now tell me, what is December to you? I'd love you to link up your posts below!

Cupcake Mumma


  1. I love all your positivity Hannah.
    It's a difficult time of year for me, its a year We lost my uncle. A year since the start of the cyber n real life bullys made my life unbearable (which has now stopped n bridges are very slowly being rebuilt) but you never forget.

    But I'm very thankful for my family.
    For some very dear friends online and real life...

    thank you for being there....

    Sa xXx

    1. I'm sorry December is a difficult time for you. I hope you can still feel festive and joyful in moments
      And I'm always here xx

  2. This is a gorgeous post, Hannah. Thanks for the reminders xx

  3. What a lovely post Hannah :-) great list xx