Paperhaul Reveal: Box 1

Crafty Creatives have kept us waiting and wanting and now finally we have the long awaited Paperhaul box in our stationery loving hands. Paperhaul is a monthly box filled with a selection of postcards, tags, tapes, cards and stickers with each month bringing a different theme to the box you receive. In my first box I've counted 12 items packaged in a flat parcel box perfect for those of us destined to almost always miss our postie. Least if you do, now you won't miss your stationery fix, because the Paperhaul box slides perfectly through the letterbox.

This months theme is travel and what says travel more than these lovely postcards. Several vintage inspired and one a more modern take on travel but all 3 printed on quality card ready to be placed in that big red box!

Three gift tags which i think are so cute and will add that special, unique touch to gifts

Two quality printed cards which come blank. I love blank cards because you never know when someone could use a bit of cheering up. I love the bicycle card and I know there are several people who would appreciate these through their mail box.

Vehicle inspired washi tape. I love washi tape but I am just too tight to spend £3 on various tapes so I often buy cheaper versions. The inclusion of washi tape was a real point for me when I described the contents and price to people curious about the box.

2 double sided craft papers. If you're like me you'll always have a preferred side with double sided papers and this is no exception. I like both sides but my favourite is the stamps and buildings. What's yours?

Finally, what's a stationery box without stickers?! And in this months box, Paperhaul have popped in some landmark stickers which I'm thinking of sticking onto my envelopes for my American pen pal who will love them.

I really can't wait to see what other themes Paperhaul come up with. I think travel was the perfect one to kick off their very first box. If you're interested in seeing what Paperhaul's future boxes have in store every month, they are priced at £10 plus p&p which I think is very reasonable. Each box sold also has 10p donated to the charity Post Pals which is a favourite charity of mine and is another reason to love Paperhaul for me. I've been very lucky to be chosen to blog the reveals each month and whilst my boxes will not be free I do receive them at a slightly reduced price. If you've received the first box, what do you think? I'd love to know!


  1. I love those tags, I am sure my two would love the vehicle washi tape too! x

    1. I do too and yes! Little A thought it was very cool I do love washi tape!x

  2. I love the look of this! As a stationary junkie, I am soo adding this box to things I'd like for myself in 2015 :)

    1. I hope you like it Ami! I'll be blogging every month in sure it'll only get better too!x