Our Week That Was: Christmas 2014

Well there's another Christmas done and dusted! I really enjoyed our family Christmas this year and the countdown to it more than I think I have before actually. On the Monday we made homemade lanterns and had a super lazy day. It was just my little ones and me because Jay had to work until 9pm. I do hate Mondays but you can't always sulk can you! We also sat down and wrote our letters to Father Christmas. Midge took great care with her letter, Little A did a nice big scribble having not mastered any writing skills whatsoever just yet, even I had to write a letter to Father Christmas and I've not done that in years! I'm glad I did because it showed Midge how you should write a letter, not just dive in asking for this, that and the other!

Tuesday was what we in the Cupcake House refer to as 'Christmas Eve, Eve.' My Mum came over which the children loved. We did some shopping for food in the morning, just grabbing a few bits then again in the afternoon when Grandma arrived we added the bits we couldn't find locally. All stocked up we went home for a picky tea and then pulled on all our warm clothes for our traditional neighbourhood walk, where we look at all the pretty Christmas lights that our neighbours put up every year. Snowmen that light up, trains in windows, outdoor trees and roofs covered in lights- just amazing!

Homemade lanterns// writing to Father Christmas// Hanging out with a snowman// Lights in a neighbours window

Wednesday was Christmas Eve and it was actually a very calm affair! The previous night I had placed the teddy elves from our small tree underneath our larger tree and sat behind them were 2 gift bags. I love doing Christmas Eve gift bags because the children are occupied whilst I get on with things. They had a craft, some pajamas, a new Christmas DVD, a treat box and an activity book (all from poundland bar the pj's!) I sat with them and made the Christmas trees because Little A found them a little difficult but I really didn't mind. Hubby finished work at 1.00pm and family arrived at 2.00pm, by which time I had laid out a spread on the dinner table, including fondue set with strawberries and marshmallows!

Snowman part 2// Little A's Christmas tree// Midges tree//Mummy's sweets!

Christmas Eve spread// Fondue with treats// Resisting temptation (not)// My Mummy!// Strawberry covered in chocolate

Christmas Day was an unusual one and not the one I expected. The morning was fantastic with all of us opening our stockings in my bedroom followed by the children finding Father Christmas's footprints in our front room (actually from the front door to his mince pies to be exact!) We opened our presents and had a yummy breakfast before different members of the family arrived here and there. My parents and sister arrived which was lovely but as the day went on it wasn't very festive. Dinner was incredibly late and Little A gave me a few anxious hours with his croup, which just came out of no where. We did have a delicious dinner and went to bed very full and exhausted! 

Gift bags under the tree// Santas footprints// Very full tree// Presents having a break// Pudding// Playing Nicely

Queen Elsa visits on Christmas Day// Cheeky couple photo for Instagram// Power Ranger A!// Up later with the family after waking poorly// Hot chocolates have been popular// Catching up with my favourite wizard

We've spent the time since then playing with new toys, dressing up and going nuts on scooters (the little ones) eating a lot of chocolate of the American variety (Hubby) and reading, drinking hot chocolate and catching up with my penpals ready for the New Year (me). Phew, what a week! I hope it was a good one for you too lovely readers. Next week, I'm celebrating New Years with my parents and babies. It'll be odd not being with Hubby...I don't have any other plans because I'll be mentally preparing for those blasted school runs!!

Cupcake Mumma


  1. Sounds like a lovely Christmas. I love the idea of the Xmas Eve packages. I bought us all new pjs for Christmas night and we watched Christmas films until very late - more in a hope for a lay in on Christmas morning, but it didn't work!
    Glad you all had a chilled time, sorry to hear your little one was poorly for some of it though!

  2. That all sounds lovely (minus the croup!), pleased that you enjoyed a fun family Christmas x

  3. Sounds like a fun Christmas, i hope A is feeling better now x

    1. Thanks Emma, it was lovely and yes he's much better!x