Our Week That Was: Captured 1/12/2014

Hello! Another week another week that was with the lovely Hannah. Enjoy!

Monday was probably one of my best days this week and it was so refreshing to enjoy a Monday! Little A and I dropped Midge off at school then watched our usual 9:06 train at the station before heading into town. I decided not to bother with going home and stayed in town with Little A instead. We enjoyed a Costa together, then trotted off to the library before A announced he needed the loo and unfortunately the toilets there were still out of order meaning we had to go to the train station where we ended up staying for half an hour chatting and going through leaflets (nowhere else to go so close to nursery!) We watched the usual 12:02 train come in then went to nursery. I came home to do a few bits and bobs before returning for the afternoon pick up where both children had had a good day. By tea time things were getting their usual hectic so what a wonderful surprise it was to see hubby come through the door! He decided to come home early from work as his shoulder has been giving him grief (he works on factory lines) it was a lovely surprise! We ended the day with some paper chain making which was fun.

On Tuesday we did our usual morning routines, a little more wrapped up than usual because the temperature seemed to have really dropped! Hubby and I picked the children up early from school to head to the dentists- eek! Midge was brilliant as usual and this time her teeth were very good. Little A made us very proud by letting the dentist look at his teeth this time so they both got stickers. Hubby and I were not so lucky! I have a tiny cavity and need a big filing elsewhere as does Hubby- oh dear! New year gifts to us! We rounded the day off with a chip shop tea as a treat. I also got to see my sister before she went back to uni with my parents the next day.

Wednesday wasn't anything special but it was a relaxing day and those are good. Little A and I had a nice walk to nursery in the afternoon, he played about with leaves and we ate chocolate (naughty mum!) on the way home I had a rather rubbish anxiety moment in a store when they wouldn't take my vouchers which wasn't nice but I went home after sorting it out and tried pesto with pasta for the first time ever whilst watching the 2nd Harry Potter.

On Thursday I planned to head to Penzance after the nursery drop off but soon changed my mind when I picked up what I thought was my parcel from the sorting office..it wasn't, it was my husband's new shoes *sigh* I wasn't going to go around with them so went into the local shops instead. I got a call from Hubby asking if I wanted to meet him so we had a lovely lunch in Weatherspoons. It was so, so good and we both left to pick the children up together after having a drink and a chat. On the way home we popped to Tesco for some extra bits and Midge let me take a photo of herself in the Elf face which was rather funny.

Friday I received a prize in the post. It was a fantastic Paddington Bear haul from Love Reading. I was over the moon and so was Little A who opened it with me. Hubby had the day off and he went early to take Midge to school and do the food shopping. He also picked up Little A's carol concert outfit which I can't wait to see him in on Tuesday. On our way to nursery we spotted a very old-fashioned but lovely tractor which Little A had to have a photo taken next to. I also treated my nails to a bit of TLC with a lovely purple colour. Quite wintry I thought!

On Saturday I had a lovely lay in then took the children to town to collect a few bits. We then went on to the church to see a few of their Christmas trees and see what they had to offer in the market. I felt really uncomfortable there and couldn't wait to leave. Little A bought a toy and Midge bought a book before leaving. I liked the fair trade stall and bought two lovely angels that had been made in Bangladesh. After we left, both children wanted to walk around the graveyard and we saw some squirrels which was nice. We headed to Costa for hot chocolates and cake and I had my first ever Turkey wrap. I've not eaten Turkey in over 13 years and it was pretty nice in the wrap but I won't be craving it at Christmas dinner! We looked in some charity stores then headed off to watch hubbies football game (which he won!) Dinner was a lovely pesto pasta salad which I enjoyed very much. Hubby went out for the night so I snuggled down and watched my 3rd Harry Potter film.

 Christmas tree up and decorated// Early morning frost// Hot chocolate in Costa with little A// Making paper chains with Midge// Our new homemade Advent Calender

 Little A showing off his sticker from the dentists// A's photo of the bridge// Being a train driver// Wednesdays walk to school// Eating his chocolate// First ever pesto pasta// Thursdays mini stock up shop for Christmas// My yummy meal with hubby// Midge's 'Elfie Selfie'

 New nail polish// Paddington story book// New bag for Little A!// A and the vintage looking tractor// At the Church to see the Christmas trees and market// Costa stop// Midge enjoying her hot chocolate and cake// My first ever turkey wrap// Babysitting the bunny// Daddy at football (half time)

Advent Week 1!
As an extra over the festive period, I'm going to show you my weekly Advent gifts from my swap partner. If you're on Instagram you'll see these so do pop on over and follow me and my lovely partner Yazmin. 

Sunday saw us be super lazy and have a yummy roast dinner. We did the usual getting organised for school and watching our 4th Harry Potter! Love it. Next week will see Little A's nursery concert, parents evening, a church craft day and well, goodness knows what else! Have a lovely week!

Cupcake Mumma


  1. We've just had parent's evening. I got my tree up on 9th December finally. Felt bad having seen SO many get them up on 1st but we were only travelling back from York that day.

    Love these "week that was captured posts" will have to start joining in, as my blog is meant to be about archiving memories and unless you do posts like this, too many memories slip through the net.

    I see the Paddington book above have you seen the movie? I wasn't lucky enough to be invited to the premiere and we haven't seen it at the cinema yet. It's supposed to be amazing though.


    1. It sounds like you've been busy too! Would be great to see you in the link up too Liska im enjoying writing them just disappointed at the lack of comments to be honest!xx

  2. Your week sounds great! I love to hear about little A and his train,it always makes me smile! x

  3. Wow - so many lovely photos :) It sounds like you've had a great week! Little A and his trains is adorable - B is very similar with trains! Your nails are very pretty and well done for winning the Paddington haul!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx