Our Week That Was: Captured 8/12/14

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This week has been one of those weeks where pretty much every day I've woken up and wanted to go back to bed within a couple hours...

Monday was a long day. There aren't even any photos from Monday which will give you some idea how rubbish it was! I was just tired all day and we were all on a go slow. Hubby hates having to work all day on a Monday and I hate not seeing him until the evening.

Tuesday was a better day. Before nursery Little A and I made some chocolates from a set my friend bought me a few months ago when I visited her. I loved them but everyone else thought they weren't so nice. Dark chocolate is a required taste! I met hubby at school and we watched Little A's very first Christmas performance. He entered waving and smiling then broke down in tears as the singing started, it was utterly heart breaking sitting there not holding him. Luckily he adores his key worker and by the end they managed to get him on the stage, sat on the edge jiggling the bells to Santa Got Stuck up the Chimney. We ended today with a charity shop trip where I found two Harry Potter books for £1.50. I was very pleased!

Wednesday was a horrid day for me. I spent all day thinking i'd upset someone very dear to me so I really did feel quite sad. I raided my whole advent calender, switched on a Harry Potter film and started my Harry Potter books all over again. Hubby cheered me up and we had a very late night listening to me natter away! A very late text cheered me up and I finally got some sleep knowing all was okay.

Oh my Thursday must have been dull because I really cannot remember what happened at all! I know I was very tired from a rubbish nights sleep with Little A, and I know there was lots of hot chocolate consumed at home. There was also writing of Christmas cards for Little A's school friends. Midge has done hers all by herself this year..*sob*

Friday morning was a late start for Midge at school (I promise there were good reasons!) Little A and I returned home to get something to eat and relax before nursery. I was meeting a friend at 2pm so I visited the library finding a new cookery book I loved but I couldn't take it out because of my fines-whoops! I was really gutted but it's my fault. I popped to Boots for medicine for the children and had a mooch round a charity shop purchasing some cool panda slippers for Midge. I then met with my friend for a very large praline hot chocolate and a natter before joining hubby at the school. We ended the day with a very naughty but nice dinner of hash browns, eggs and vegetable rice.

Saturday was a mix of fun with a spontaneous tuff spot session which the children loved. I filled the spot with flour, walnuts and hoop cereal and they played for ages pretending it was snow with Little A's trains, cars and diggers. Hubby was rather late home but returned with guilt bought cake and marshmallows just for me so he was forgiven quickly, and thanks to the nice weather the children even got on their trampoline for half hour or so. We ended our evening with bedtime stories, the fifth installment of Harry Potter and the above mentioned cake.

 This weeks vehicle is a police van!// As Santa in his concert// Making chocolates// the finished result!// Starting Harry Potter again// Doing his nursery Christmas cards

Lovely Christmas card// Costa and hot chocolate with a friend// Midge's new slippers// Lots of messy fun!

This weeks Advent gift photos:

Nail polish// Button badge// Delicious fruit tea// Facial wipes// Mini notebook and pen with sticky notes// A Lovely little stationery set

Next week is Midge's Christmas play at the local church, last day of school before the Christmas holidays plus I'm also planning a surprise meet Santa trip to a local charity shop and hubby and I are taking the children out to lunch on the last day of school seeming as they finish early. I'd love to hear about your week so please share some comment love and I'll be certain to pop back and return it.

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  1. I'm sorry to hear it's been quite a tough week, I hope this week is better for you.

    Your homemade chocolates look so scrummy - love the little heart shapes. #TWTWC

    Jenna at Tinyfootsteps xx

  2. It sounds like you're onto a good thing with making dark chocolates Han, especially if no one else will eat them ;) Sounds like a pretty tiring week! Bless Little A!!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx