How I Proposed

Announcing our engagement a few weeks ago was so much fun that I really wanted to share how I proposed (mostly for the fact everyone keeps asking me how HE proposed) and well, anyone who knows me knows I can't have him looking like the soppy one and taking all the credit! 

On the left, Hannah a white female holds up her hand with a silver engagement ring on. She has a big smile. Martyn, a white mail sits to her left wearing blog black glasses and smiling with a big grin.

To be fair, it is quite unusual, even in this day and age for a woman to propose to a man. According to a 2019 survey that I found before typing this up, I would be one of the 16% of women in a heterosexual relationship to propose; I knew it was low but not that low! 

Martyn and I had spoken about getting married many times in the past being keen to make sure we were on the same page. I think I always knew to some degree that I wanted to get married again some day but for a long time I know Martyn wasn't thinking of marriage. Until a while ago and that all changed.

The only question really left in my mind was when? I felt ready but I wasn't sure if Mart was the same. I knew he would say 'yes' but would he really be ready? I also worried with his terrible indecisiveness that I could be waiting forever! So it was time to just go for it.

Initially, I planned to wait until the summer when the boys were with their mum for a day or two and my two would be away with their dad. I thought about cooking a dinner and doing it at home, then realised my cooking sucks a bit but neither of us would be happy to eat out and be the centre of attention. 

I thought it might be nice to go to our favourite park but I couldn't work things out. So I actually prayed about it all one night and it all just hit me.

I ordered my ring. I loved doing this. I got to look for ages at pretty rings, I didn't have to worry about budgets because I could use my own money, I could buy exactly what I wanted knowing I would love it and knew it would fit me perfectly. I absolutely love it. My ring is from a small business seller on Etsy called The Aladdins Cave and it is lovely.

I then bought an old American coin from DogsandHats on Etsy. The purpose of this was that I stumbled upon it and it bears the words 'In God we trust' and the seller had engraved the words 'will you marry me?' as well. 

It was just perfect.

American coin Will you marry me engraved

On the 14th April, 7 days before the anniversary of us officially getting together, I couldn't contain my excitement. Martyn knew something was up.

 I gave him a small brown envelope. 

"Are you asking me to marry you?"

"Yes I am," I smiled. 

"Yes, of course, he replied. I'll need to get a ring now!"

I then pulled out a little blue box and handed it to him. He loves my organisation and it made him laugh. I let him pop the ring on my finger, (perfect fit of course) and we both just enjoyed this quiet moment.

Telling the kids some time later was so much fun. We got them to open envelopes with different words on and they put it together. All very excited and all happily overwhelmed they posed for several photos before life went back to normal. 

I think we did things the best way. I was getting all hooked up on what people would think, what society expects and I'm glad I went 'sod it' to it all. I loved asking Martyn, I loved taking the pressure he undoubtedly would have felt off his shoulders, I loved having the kids here with us and I loved doing it our way.

We will plan our big day for April 2023 and there's no danger of this becoming a wedding blog!


  1. Aww! How cut. That coin is just perfect. Congrats again to you both x

  2. I love the coin, what a lovely idea! Congratulations again!

    1. I thought it was pretty unique too! Thanks Jennifer x

  3. Oh congratulations and what a lovely way to do it.