James Turns 10!

James with brown hair and a big smile grins at the camera. In front of him is a rainbow birthday cake with 10 lit candles on
As usual, it's better late then never over here!
Our James turned 10 at the end of May and even though I'm a bit (very) late, I would still love to share his special day with you all.

Yet again we went with the amazing Ian from Cakes Against The Grain. He made James his specified cake 'a big rainbow cake with vanilla and raspberries!' I think you can agree the cake looks amazingly colourful and it was just as tasty as the others!

The top of the rainbow cake. White melted chocolate with rainbow sprinkles has 10 lit candles on

James leans on a table blowing out the candle. Smoke drifts towards him

James had school on his actual birthday which is never too bad as he gets to hand out some sweeties to his class mates. He also saves one for me, the sweet heart he really is!

For his family birthday dinner he requested a Japanese theme. We've never done that before so it was exciting. Usually we go with an Indian or Chinese or maybe a big old home-made burger and chips. This time I was challenged.

I made a Katsu Curry which was lovely. The rice was cooked in an actual rice cooker we borrowed from the boy's Mum and I must admit I cheated a little with the chicken..I bought it already breaded at the supermarket..It was tasty though and I had a free from one as well so that was a win.

On a white plate is white rice, 2 breaded chicken strips and some golden coloured curry spooned on top

We had Mochi as well as cake for pudding. The guys learning to use chop sticks was good fun. I think Will got it pretty quick, James took a while then went and ate with his hands as per usual and A took a while but was very happy when he actually managed to do it. Midge on the other hand totally gave up and just wanted to eat!

6 pink Mochi in a circle on a small white plate with a pair of chop sticks about to lift one off the plate on the right

One thing I wasn't going to attempt, not because I didn't want to but more it was super time consuming, was the Sushi. I ordered a lovely platter of sushi from a local sushi take away who made it up and dropped it all off for him just before dinner. I've never had sushi before and I actually really liked it.

A varity of sushi sits on a black tray. Cucumber sushi rolls and whote rice with raw salmon draped on top

James definitely had an awesome day. He loved all his gifts (mostly money because he is the hardest child to buy for) but he also got a sweetie box (some what of a tradition now!) clothes, neon laces for his trainers and some gaming money. 

At his Mums party he had a big van rented out with games consoles on. He invited some of his cousins and his siblings over and they all had such a great time gaming on PlayStation, Xbox and their mobile phones in the van before having a huge take away of their choice. It was so lovely that they could all be together and James thought to invite A and Midge.

So that is all the kids birthdays done this year!  


  1. A very happy belated birthday to James. It sounds like he had a fab day and his cakes look amazing! The Japanese theme for his dinner sounds so good. My youngest loves everything Japanese and would eat everything with chopsticks given the chance.

    1. Thanks Kim! He loves all this sort of stuff so he had a great day x