We Are Getting...


I feel so happy and blessed to be able to share this news with my lovely readers! After 4 years together and being friends for longer than that through the blogosphere, Martyn and I are happy to say we are indeed engaged.

I am so excited!

I was never going to be one of those people who separated from their partner, got divorced and would swear to never get married again. I am a hopeless romantic, so much so it was actually me, ME! who asked Mr K to marry him.

We are not the conventional type in this house!

Thank God we are all slightly crazy and totally original. We are an open family, we do some things differently from other families. I love our set up and the kids think it is awesome that I proposed to Martyn instead of the other way around.

I've wanted to propose to Martyn for a couple of months now. I thought waiting until summer would be the ideal time. I could wait for all the children to be away with their other parents, I could take Martyn to one of our favourite spots and do everything that way. I also thought I should wait until we had more understanding about Martyn's Dad's health and William's EHCP process.

I decided to pray about my plan. I heard clear as day in my head 'What are you waiting for?' 

My heart swelled and I smiled as lay sleepily in bed. I knew then that at some point in the week I had to propose. 

We spoke a while ago about wanting a marriage this time and not a wedding. We were both so young and caught up in the wrong things when we married our ex partners. This time it was about us and our children.

So our children have been involved. They all had to open an envelope with a word on and get together in the right order to make the sentence. 

We are so excited to spend the next year together knowing we will be man and wife. We will enjoy our engagement for a year while saving up and plan a small, intimate and geeky little wedding that will put us and our kids at the centre in 2023.

I hope you will all continue to come along for the ride! x