Birthday Boys and Double Digits!

I usually blog about the children's birthday individually but as the time has flown by since then I will have to pop them together. As it is, thanks to lockdown, neither A nor Will did anything that requires a lot of writing about!

First of all A entered double digits! He is now 10..TEN? I can't believe he has finally entered the doubles. He still seems so much younger than his peers but it is what it is (tries to stop thinking about the secondary application she has to fill in this autumn)

A was originally meant to be in Cornwall for his birthday but it didn't work out so I got my boy for his special day again. We didn't plan anything (obviously) but as usual the children always request their special birthday tea and we keep them to some sort of routine in terms of birthday breakfasts and gift opening etc.

A had some lovely gifts. Thanks to my brother we managed to get him some Lego sports cars which he loves at the moment, some more Pok√©mon and new clothes. He had some great gifts from family too. 

This year A decided he didn't fancy a birthday cake so he left it to me decide something different. I went with flapjack! There's this lovely flapjack lady (official name now) on my Instagram called @JustFlapjack who made me 3 slabs of the oaty, chocolaty goodness and got it here just in time for the celebrations. He loved it!

He spent most of his day chilling out on the sofa, watching things he likes on the television and playing with his new gifts after enjoying a delicious meal of hotdogs, wedges and Martyn's homemade special apple and pork burgers.

Will also celebrated his birthday in February by turning 12! We didn't have him on his actual birthday such is the life of co-parenting, but when we had him several days later he enjoyed spending most of his time hanging out with his sister and planning his huge dinner.

Will did want a cake this year but other than specifying it had to have white chocolate on I was free to plan what I wanted. I ordered from Cakes Against The Grain again and this turned up the afternoon of the day we celebrated:


Dinner was cooked by myself and Mart, a full on curry with gluten free Naans and onion Bahjis (thanks to recipe's by Gluten Free Cuppa Tea in her new cook book which I bought 3 weeks ago!) 

He enjoyed all his usual baking related gifts and we treated him to an ant farm with Grandma and Pops buying him the ants. They're really cool and I hope we can show them off soon when they're ready for their new home.

On his actual birthday, Will's Mum arranged a Zoom get together for him and his cousins. They were joined by a party guy who played music and games, they all ate brownies and played Roblox for several hours before logging off all hyper and full of fun; it was so good to see them have a laugh even if they couldn't be in the same room. To be honest, these virtual parties have been so much better for all 3 of my boys with their sensory processing needs, I'll be sad to have to go back to putting them into noisey disco halls!

Anyway, now there is only one more waiting to hit the doubles and that's our wild child James. He will be 10 in May and I can't wait to see what he comes up with to celebrate his day. At the moment, he's trying to figure out what will out do his brother on the non birthday cake front..eek!


  1. Happy belated birthday to the boys. They are growing up fast. How are they 10 & 12 already!!
    The flapjacks looks so good and a great change from a cake.
    The Zoom call for Will sounds fab. x

    1. Thanks Kim I know its mad isn't it! The zoom call was good fun and such a good thing to do for a lockdown birthday x