Lock Down Home Ed 2020 Weeks 1 & 2!

I can't believe we are in week 3 of lock down already! This week is the beginning of the Easter holidays so although we are taking a step back from the past 2 weeks home ed routine, we are still doing our 'core subjects' and some fun educational based activities in between. Mr K has a good post on home learning in this current crisis if you'd like to check out how we're going about things here

I thought I would record a little round up 2 weeks at a time of how things are going in home ed, what we've been up to etc. As most people know we already home educate 1 of our children, my step son Will. He was gearing up for starting school this year but seems that's all been pushed back!

All the children have had some experience of home education in their time so this isn't a huge shock to their system. They're missing their friends and some teachers but not much else, a relief! Here's what we got up to for our first 2 weeks:

Week 1:

We looked at Surrealism in art. Both the children (we are doing a week on and a week off with Will and James) had to draw out our kitchen and then add something surreal. Midge went with some very colourful backgrounds but hasn't yet completed her artwork. Below is A's masterpiece, our kitchen with a kangaroo holding Thors' hammer. Very cool.

We've been doing our core subjects, which are maths and English every morning (mostly hosted by Mr K!) In history, Midge has been looking at life in the 1500's and A has been looking at the Anglo Saxons. In French, we looked at body parts and had fun labelling some diagrams and in science A learned about a plants life cycle. In Geography A wanted to look at the Egyptians, so we started by looking at where Egypt was and some interesting facts:

Midge is set a (continuous) flow of school work, so she also has Latin to look at and most subjects are all on the computer these days. She has been working really hard and we set her up on my bureau in the front room to avoid the noise! We have also set aside some food tech. On the first week, A made a rice pudding and Midge, well Midge is always in the kitchen! Although I think on our food tech day she wasn't feeling great so she didn't make dinner.

Week 2:

This week we had the boys stay for the week.  Like most of the nation (world actually) we've been joining in with Joe Wicks for his P.E work outs in between using the back yard. They all had great fun doing this. 

For our food tech we made several things over the week but our best makes were my Grandma's Ginger Biscuits for pudding made by James and Midge and a chicken curry made by Mr K, Will and A. That was such a tasty dinner. 

In French we looked at our families and recapped on body parts. In science Mr K looked into photosynthesis and did some worksheets with the kids. English has been focused on Harry Potter books, keywords and handwriting practice and in R.E the boys looked at The 10 Commandments. I love their own ones! James wrote 'Do not throw Lego' which I think is very wise!

A's 10 Commandments

James's 10 Commandments

We have played lots of different board games, James's favourite is this maths times tables game from PLYT  It's his go to game. Mr K did a review on his blog a while ago here. 

James playing a maths board game.

We had a look at Pop Art which is something I enjoyed. The kids got a bit fed up of doing this one, I don't think they enjoyed how much colouring in they had to do but they all produced such great drawings! Below is Will showing off his fine work. 

So all in all we have worked really hard planning home ed for all the guys both on the week they are together and when it's just 2 of them. I'm not going to lie, it' been tough but it's also really rewarding knowing they're having fun and still learning. The schools are setting work but we are cherry picking what we want, with 4 children all with different needs and working at different levels it would be impossible to remain as sane as we are doing it another way!

All 3 boys showing off their handwriting practice. 

I'd love to hear how everyone else has been getting on so if you want to leave a comment or a link to your posts please do!

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