Easter Reasons to be Cheerful

I'm joining in again with Reasons to be cheerful. It's so nice to reflect on things in general but even more so in this difficult time. 

This week is the start of the Easter holidays here. We have kept some home ed for routine but mostly we have been having fun. A and Midge have had a water fight this week and finally managed to get me to drag out the paddling pool.

I've enjoyed some of the beautiful flowers in my garden.

We celebrated Passover together this week. For the first time in years I made proper home made bread. I made a loaf of wheat bread and pictured below, had semi success with a gluten free soda bread. 

We lit our candle, had a lovely meal and some comforting prayers led by Mr K. 
We've enjoyed a fish supper tonight and will look forward to our Easter Sunday roast as a big family.

Our Easter garden on one of our raised beds.

Midge and A tucking in to their Passover meal. 

Hope you can all find something positive this week. Much love!

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