Reasons To Be Cheerful:

Its pretty tough to find things to be happy about some days at the moment. So I'm putting together my cheerful list which is also kind of a thankful list too. Enjoy.

New Books

Thanks to The Reading Residence I have had 3 books bought for me on my Amazon wishlist. As part of her Bring Back Paper group we wanted to find ways of still enjoying our love of stationery and books and this was a lovely way to still do that.

I've also recieved a book to review which I will share on a blog tour in April!


A has slipped into home school really well and that's made me very happy. He's actually doing more work here than he would do at school. Midge has been getting on with all the tasks set, we've had a few wobbly moments from both of them but we like our new routine. I feel very lucky to have Martyn doing most of the lessons, it just made sense with his teaching background and he feels useful too!


Many times we've tried to establish a routine in this house and only parts of it stay. Martyn drew up a home school timetable and it's really been helping our days flow. We don't stick to it rigidly, it's more of a guideline but it really helps us all get through the day.

Those still working

I'm incredibly thankful to those who are still working in essential jobs. I should be getting food this week, today I had medicine delivered that I couldn't get locally so had to order online, I had a plumber come out to fix a pipe that has been leaking all over my bathroom for 2 weeks. There are so many people still working out there holding everything together. Thank you.

Good friends

Martyns piano student brought over some bits that the school didn't need any more, plus some extras they had in their cupboard. We've also had Ken and Ember get food for us despite them living an hour away and the boys Mum donating some spare food to keep us afloat when we only got enough food in our order for 4 people and not 6!


  1. I am glad you are still finding reasons to be cheerful. It's so hard with the situation we're in.
    It sounds like the home schooling is going well. Martyn sounds the perfect person to have around at the moment. x

    1. I try to keep a daily log of little things that make me smile, even if it's I'm still here and not mad at the end of the day haha!
      He is, I think it would be a lot harder on my own!

  2. Thanks for joining in! We are all so grateful to those on the front line and all our wonderful communities.

  3. I've read a few of your recent posts and I get it that families with people 'at risk' must be more anxious than most of us. Your Rs2BC are lovely. It's wonderful that friends are bringing you food and I@m impressed that your kids are sticking to the home school schedule - even loosely. Take care and stay safe. xxx