Family-Money-Me ~ February


Celebrate Little A's birthday 

Celebrate pancake day

Have a nice Valentines day


Budget for February

Look into interest free cards

Set up a separate account for the dog (instead of using a useless pet plan/insurance company!)

Complete month 2 of savings jar


Get everything in place for next months big birthday bash

Plenty of self care

Get some regular exercise

Get some letters written and posted

January was a long month wasn't it? I sorted a good budget, celebrated both Mr B's and Midge's birthday with great success but failed to lose any weight (in fact, I put a lot more on!) I managed 4 books in January so I hope I can continue to read more this month. Both of the children's school trips are now paid. Little A has already had his trip to Plymouth Aquarium and Midge's isn't until May but now I don't have to worry about it. Finally, I completed my savings jar for the first month and paid £30 more towards my little woods account.

Goodluck with any family, money and me goals you may have set this month!

Cupcake Mumma

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